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  • Liberty Bruce

    Liberty Bruce

     8 minutes ago

    oh hey my name means liberty too

  • Ani Smo

    Ani Smo

     2 hours ago

    I just realised that Saoirse was the protagonist in "Souls", just when they asked for Twilight 😄🤩🤩 I remembered her eyes glowing 😍

  • Jim Halpert

    Jim Halpert

     4 hours ago

    Saiorse Ronan: Saiorse means freedom.
    Britain: *triggered*

  • harpa lindal

    harpa lindal

     4 hours ago

    I’m 12 feet lol

  • Madison T

    Madison T

     4 hours ago

    Trevor Moran

  • Major Tom

    Major Tom

     5 hours ago

    To be honest i thought Margot was a MILF above 35, but in stating MILF, she does not look old in a bad way AT ALL.

  • Vivek Tammana

    Vivek Tammana

     5 hours ago

    How did margo meet soirse?
    When an australian walked into an irish bar

  • koy


     6 hours ago

    Thanks Wuurd. bye! lol

  • Zandra White

    Zandra White

     8 hours ago

    her green ring is 20k

  • regenbogenjohnny


     8 hours ago

    12.9 feet is about 3.93192 meters

  • toomuch4em


     9 hours ago

    I forgot how to say "Saoirse" like 5 seconds after she pronounced it lol

  • shelbyrea 98

    shelbyrea 98

     9 hours ago

    12 foot 9??

  • Alfee Rahaman

    Alfee Rahaman

     16 hours ago

    So beautiful both of them

  • jake ksi

    jake ksi

     18 hours ago

    Margot Robbie nude

  • wind wanderer

    wind wanderer

     18 hours ago

    that Saoirse Ronan's ding ding ding tho.

  • serenityq26


     19 hours ago

    i forgot how much i used to love saoirse. she keeps doing movies i dont watch so she's faded into obscurity for me.......maybe ill check out this mary queen of scots on dvd

  • serenityq26


     19 hours ago

    KNEW IT! everyone who acts does neighbors in australia lol

  • maham meher

    maham meher

     22 hours ago

    Margot Robbie was in neighbours!?

  • deks räikkönen

    deks räikkönen

     23 hours ago

    Beauty comes with wacky, 100% of the times

  • Hitoshi Igarashi

    Hitoshi Igarashi


    Saoirse Ronan has only one flaw: she stops talking every now and then.