The Movie That Destroyed Pixar's Reputation

  • Published on:  Saturday, June 8, 2019
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  • Cosmodore

     12 days ago

    Welcome to The Untitled Cosmodore Video About Dinosaurs

  • eissetelse


    I can understand how someone who hasn't lost a father wouldn't resonate with The Good Dinosaur but even that aside, I was still deeply moved by the movie the first time I saw it. Me, my siblings and our Dad loved the movie. We were impacted and cried during it and my Dad was rarely moved to tears by an animated movie.But after losing my dad and watching it again, it resonated with me in a whole new way.I lost my dad suddenly and unexpectedly just as Arlo did and I don't know if this was ever an inten...

  • Dark_Star_★

     2 days ago

    love the pokemon sounds in the background (also nice vid)

  • Colin McCarthy

     12 days ago

    I honestly feel like “The Untitled Pixar Movie About Dinosaurs” would’ve drawn in a larger audience from the title alone

  • kichi uwu


    @Zeruk begone furry

  • slickpaw 07

     2 days ago

    ZachAttack Roblox *you’re

  • PR Fo

     10 days ago

    I liked the landscapes but hated the character design and story.

  • ScottyWired

     3 hours ago

    Wait are we talking about The Good Dinosaur or any Final Fantasy game?

  • Genji shimada

     3 days ago

    @Bob Chung dinosaurs are gone and if you are referring to birds then your correct but actual dinos are long gone

  • Wade Spencer

     4 days ago

    "We should make a movie with dinosaurs.""Sure! What's the plot?""Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh"

  • Geometryjosh 21

     15 hours ago

    @Rachelle Can Draw i know right?

  • Rachelle Can Draw

     15 hours ago

    "so...?""some kid finds another kid and they go on an adventure. also, a parent has to die.""perfect."

  • Salvaged Lefty the Mapper

     5 days ago

    "The Good Dinosaur ruined Pixar's Reputation"Cars 2: *_Allow me to introduce myself_*

  • Maxisamo1


    Cars is at least appealing in the premise and the way they pulled it off. The Good Dinosaur was just really lame and not well thought out. A great premise that they somehow made not interesting

  • Mark Coito

     2 days ago

    My son recently became obsessed with Cars. A little later than most people, but he's only 4. Even HE didn't like Cars 2. He loves the 3rd one the most, but the first is a very close second. He didn't even want to buy Cars 2 when we found it in the stores. He got half way through the movie and gave up.


     10 days ago

    The Good Dinosaur idea wasn't bad, it has kinda hearthwarming...BUTTTT it was very bland.And really easy to forget.With terrible dinasour designs with very realistic backgrounds.-

  • SINッ

     10 hours ago


  • Rachelle Can Draw

     15 hours ago

    exactly!! i forgot it existed! ive never seen some of the pixar movies, but i remember them. the good dinosaur, however...

  • lil lemon

     12 days ago

    the good dinosaur is good, but would be more successful if it was a short film

  • DrStank64

     10 hours ago

    @Marlon I can't wait to have a little one of my own. It's going to be great, making sure he or she doesn't watch movies like good dinosaur. Enjoying classics like land before time or even some newer classic hits like Rango.

  • Marlon

     17 hours ago

    @DrStank64 those are good movies but it's all about the ages that will want to watch them over and over. My 18 month old watches good dinosaur everyday. He hasn't caught interest in land before time yet and wasn't into ice age.

  • Gregg Lee

     9 days ago

    *reads the title of the video*Ahem, Cars 2 would like to have a word with you.

  • Gregg Lee

     22 hours ago

    @Pheonic I have tried to explain to both of them that it hurts my feelings that they do this to each other, but they only care about how they feel and are too stubborn to just get along. It doesn't help either that my older brother would often make nasty remarks to my grandmother for "ruining everyone's lives". My grandmother has been a bitch to me sometimes in the past, but all that's happened then is too irrelevant for me now and I just wanna forget about it. Also, she's 80 years old at the...

  • Pheonic

     23 hours ago

    @Gregg Lee Have you ever tried explaining to them how that makes you feel? If they understand and they honestly love you hopefully they will be more civil for you and if not atleast you tried and usually stuff like this always makes a person stronger and more patience with others and the world around them

  • Hot Rod/Rodimus


    The Good Dinosaur: We brought down PixarCars 2: Hold our oil.

  • waffleless

     9 days ago

    It looks like a green slug crawling across Windows backgrounds.

  • Victor Figueroa

     13 hours ago

    @/dev/etresevo it's a Windows 7 theme that displays landforms that are some what similar to you are referring to.🙂

  • /dev/etresevo

     14 hours ago

    @Victor Figueroa What does that even mean