The Movie That Destroyed Pixar's Reputation

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  • Published on:  Saturday, June 8, 2019
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  • Cosmodore


     2 months ago +8190

    Welcome to The Untitled Cosmodore Video About Dinosaurs

  • Professor Monkey For a Head

    Professor Monkey For a Head

     2 months ago +5698

    Cars 2: I’m the movie that ruined Pixar’s reputation!
    Good Dinosaur: I’m about to ruin this studio’s whole reputation

  • toastthebread


     1 months ago +2027

    Cars 1: was about racing
    Cars 2: cars learned how to be a spy
    Cars 3: about racing with traumatic head drama
    Edit: How tf did I get 1k likes
    And thank you I thought this was a lame joke lol thank you all

  • Cristisaurus


     1 months ago +2076

    i absolutely hate the contrast between the beautiful, detailed landscapes and the simplistic and cartoony character design. it feels really unbalanced and it bothers me idk

  • RelatedTitle


     1 months ago +1305

    The movie looks like you took a beautiful landscape, then looked for "Dinosaur png" on Google and pasted it on top.

  • Geohie Kim

    Geohie Kim

     2 months ago +974

    I mean, if we're talking about quality differences between two (basically) consecutive movies, two names.
    Sony animations 2017: the emoji movie
    Sony animations 2018: into the spider-verse
    What the f happened.

  • SmasherBoy


     1 months ago +633

    The Good Dinosaur - ruined Pixar’s reputation.
    Cars 2: Am I a joke to you?

  • YungGravy


     1 months ago +225

    The only part I like about the good dinosaur is when they got high

  • David Ace Ray Ollsàn

    David Ace Ray Ollsàn

     1 months ago +405

    The Good Dinosaur: I'm the worst pixar movie!
    Cars 2: I'm gonna pretend I didn't see that

  • Hale Prophecy

    Hale Prophecy

     2 months ago +446

    Omg wall-e, that was such a great movie.

  • Annalise Baulman

    Annalise Baulman

     2 months ago +4062

    Did anyone think that the character designs almost looked too simplistic and smooth in comparison to the hyper-realistic backgrounds and settings? It felt rather off-putting.

  • Ilman


     1 months ago +203

    the visuals are stunning, its sad the story is so dry.

  • idk _

    idk _

     1 months ago +164

    the movie was so boring that it felt like a documentary about dinosaurs voiced by morgan freeman with the exception that the documentary is less boring

  • Star Boy

    Star Boy

     1 months ago +101

    I actually really liked Rise of the Guardians when it came out 😅

  • mell0


     1 months ago +105

    talks sht for 18 minutes straight
    "I'm not trying to condemn anything this movie stands for"

  • Mr Flibble

    Mr Flibble

     2 months ago +155

    4:03 "A Midwestern agriculture dinosaur society, similar to those seen in the 1930s"
    Huh, must've missed that part in history class

  • RGDPersonallity


     1 months ago +66

    I hated the dinosaur’s feet. Idk but it was such a weird design choice compared to the other dinosaur designs.

  • iPod 97

    iPod 97

     1 months ago +108

    I actually really loved “The Good Dinosaur”. The animation was very beautiful. Maybe the story is a little weak. But I actually enjoyed it. “Cars 2” is definitely what tainted Pixar lol

  • [yee] [yee]

     1 months ago +97

    Pixar: wait nobody cares about a new story about dinosaurs

  • Phineas Facing Forward

    Phineas Facing Forward

     2 months ago +3172

    This is a weird video on Cars 2.