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  • Published on:  Sunday, June 9, 2019
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  • Kevin Cooney

    Kevin Cooney

     2 months ago +82898

    This is how many people want a Part 2

  • Hannes Heins

    Hannes Heins

     7 days ago +3714

    roses are red
    violets are blue
    “hello I'm harry and I'm 22”

  • Frances Adamson

    Frances Adamson

     7 days ago +2707

    Harry's lines honestly had me dead pahaha
    I got bullied at school, I deserved it

  • Memer oof

    Memer oof

     3 days ago +497

    It actually annoyed me how everyone thought ksi's stuff was fake 😂

  • skull crawler

    skull crawler

     7 days ago +1627

    Why does Vikstar looks like he is hitting puberty at the age of 24 ? Tf?

  • Jessie Kasper

    Jessie Kasper

     2 months ago +3712

    “Hi I’m Simon, I’m 26, and I’m the only one here who hasn’t had an STD.” 😂

  • Boti


     7 days ago +458

    When Ethan realises he's 1% nigerian
    WaKaNdA fOrEvEr

  • John Huynh

    John Huynh

     7 days ago +904

    JJ confirmed there will be another Tinder in real life so stay tuned

  • Tristan Amezcua

    Tristan Amezcua

     7 days ago +743

    Harry: I’m Harry I’m 22 and I may have a minor drug problem.
    Lady: 🤨 swipes right

  • Luca Pecora

    Luca Pecora

     3 days ago +214

    is it just me or the girl at 23:46 was fully attracted to vik I'm seeing some Indian connection

  • Poter Shades

    Poter Shades

     1 months ago +10138

    This is how many times JJ didn't get picked

  • ßlue Knight

    ßlue Knight

     2 days ago +81

    Seeing the wakanda forever from ethan after finding out hes 8% nigerian is too funny😂😂😂😂

  • 100,000SubsWithNoVideos Challenge

    100,000SubsWithNoVideos Challenge

     3 days ago +61

    Roses are red
    Elizabeth is the queen
    "Hi my name is Simon and I'm 16"

  • VoodooToad


     6 days ago +307

    Harry's nervous scratch though... No wonder he is losing at poker!!

  • Inhle Cele

    Inhle Cele

     3 days ago +134

    That one chick really doesn’t know how rich JJ is.

  • Abdalla Special

    Abdalla Special

     2 months ago +34386

    Here is the score of each Sidemen
    Simon: 11/20
    Vik: 7/20
    Josh: 7/20
    Ethan: 6/20
    Tobi: 6/20
    Harry: 5/18
    JJ: 4/20
    This costs one like

  • Netflix Is amazing x

    Netflix Is amazing x

     7 days ago +484

    “I got bullied at school, but I deserved it”
    Same bro..same.

  • ImTheFuckingKing


     7 days ago +311

    Gir: u prob need a new chain because ur head... bluh bluh bluh
    Ksi: u look good until u opened ur mouth

  • Nightz Leo

    Nightz Leo

     2 days ago +32

    When Harry came into the video it became way funnier 😂

  • IMythic


     6 days ago +202

    “A silver tooth? not a sweet tooth?” at least he has all his teeth😂😂😂