The Mattress Industry is One Big Rip-Off

  • Published on:  Wednesday, December 5, 2018
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  • D. S.

    D. S.

     6 minutes ago

    Adam states you can not test a mattress that you buy online first and that's false. almost every company offers a try before you buy option... Like most of his videos, some of the stuff is true but they gloss over things that are false and don't expect you to question it just in the attempt for content. shame on me for actually clicking on this video.

  • Daniel Billingslea

    Daniel Billingslea

     16 minutes ago

    Just get a Purple mattresses

  • Vegarot Fusion

    Vegarot Fusion

     18 minutes ago

    Sometimes they've been known to fall off the back of a truck. This one time Vinnie found a whole truck. Anyways if your looking for a cheap mattress talk to his cousin Joey he runs the old storage units tell him Nicky sent ya.

  • Steven Geisert

    Steven Geisert

     22 minutes ago

    How about Purple?

  • JR


     25 minutes ago

    Yeah it's just Sleep on two of them...double up two of them lol

  • krashdown102


     40 minutes ago

    this channel as really gone down the drain

  • Michael S

    Michael S

     41 minutes ago

    Sleep Number is great. It's actually completely different from a normal mattress.

  • Izzy


     an hour ago


  • Tiffany Zhu

    Tiffany Zhu

     2 hours ago

    so this is why there are so many mattress stores

  • Radical Hunter

    Radical Hunter

     2 hours ago

    To be fair most mattress buyers can't be helped, when you suggest a softer mattress for a lighter person they tutt and try the one made for folks over 16st/101kgs. Its really not that difficult, you pick the one which follows your backs shape when you lie on it, if there's a gap or serious pressing move on to the next.
    also the memory mattresses you see on social media are complete garbage. No support and just awful to lie on.

  • Geedi Mohammed

    Geedi Mohammed

     3 hours ago

    What matra needs downpaiment. I bought my queen sized from ikea in Netherlands for 110 euro 5 years ago. Still use it who in their right minds bies a 2000 dollar matrass

  • Killin With Ki11Roy

    Killin With Ki11Roy

     3 hours ago

    It's sad that no one can take anything from this show at face value after that SJW one they did.

  • Dimitar Tomov

    Dimitar Tomov

     4 hours ago

    @ Adam I hope you finally learned - Government regulations do not solve problems. Maybe now that you are aware, you can explain that to @ CollegeHumor team

  • Justin Main

    Justin Main

     4 hours ago

    After a while it doesn't matter where you sleep, your back is gonna start hurting whether you like it or not. It's called getting old.

  • Al-Mamun Ansar

    Al-Mamun Ansar

     5 hours ago

    Anyone else Disturbed by the ending there?

  • Milo McMahon

    Milo McMahon

     5 hours ago +1

    Remember when Adam used to debunk things for a reason? And give us potential solutions?

  • Ruby V

    Ruby V

     6 hours ago

    Just do what I do and go to Costco!!
    Decent mattress for decent price

  • Kayla Billings

    Kayla Billings

     6 hours ago

    Your parents say they love you???? Watch Adam ruin that too

  • Stan Lee

    Stan Lee

     7 hours ago

    Come here, you!

  • Dr. House

    Dr. House

     7 hours ago

    Dislikes are mattress retailers.