The Auction Corvette Attempts a 10 SECOND PASS! (Boosted Junkyard Engine)

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  • Published on:  Monday, January 21, 2019
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    Can Ruby run a 10 second pass... let's see if that transmission lets it happen!

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  • stacey frazier

    stacey frazier

     1 months ago

    Holy adverts 😣

  • Dan Arrato

    Dan Arrato

     1 months ago +1

    "That's my girl and she's still got oil pressure!"

  • Gabe Loftus

    Gabe Loftus

     2 months ago

    Ever considered air shifter ?

  • Thelas Time

    Thelas Time

     4 months ago

    OK, so that car is an auto, why does it sound like you are shifting a manual? And even if you were shifting the auto manually, it shouldn't sound like that, I would imagine...The engine RPM should be a sharp sawtooth pattern, with no lag before it accelerates in the next gear...Explanation?

  • TOOL1023


     4 months ago

    You guys are so fun to watch! I'm getting the itch!

  • RWT 1124

    RWT 1124

     7 months ago

    For that car leaving that soft!! I'm sure u knew very well that car would run a 10? U gotta get that interest from the crowd tho! I totally get it.. not like u will see this comment anyway..

  • routt ookc

    routt ookc

     7 months ago

    glad the turbo kit is working...but the hard tee right at the turbo really should be reviewed

  • routt ookc

    routt ookc

     7 months ago

    turbo slushbox out the gate....hell..yEAH BBRROOTTHHEERRRR



     7 months ago

    Isn't there any other place to put that turbo?

  • jdawg1866


     7 months ago

    I know zero about cars, but still like your videos

  • Wyldwind


     7 months ago

    I would like to see a ram air funnel scoop on that turbo inlet.

  • SouthFLRacing


     7 months ago

    Don’t you need a cage to run that fast?

  • captin nemo

    captin nemo

     7 months ago

    You guys are replacing cam thrust plate on front of motor it can cause low oil pressure problems

  • Austin Norflet

    Austin Norflet

     7 months ago

    im dying laughing about the pretty sure the tires are so old, that they wont make smoke thing haha

  • Mike b

    Mike b

     7 months ago

    That tractor flap on ruby is epic, love the channel keep it coming... what happened to the side by side?

  • JoeBlue 2188

    JoeBlue 2188

     7 months ago

    Speaking of which....where did the name "bartle-skeet" come from?

  • JoeBlue 2188

    JoeBlue 2188

     7 months ago

    Havin a bartle-skeet in ruby's cupholder was a nice touch

  • jojo alexxaannddrroo

    jojo alexxaannddrroo

     7 months ago

    were missin a ruby video🥺

  • C ShellTrack

    C ShellTrack

     7 months ago

    Got the 10!!!!

  • GaryLordsWayMinistry


     7 months ago

    No you guys knew that the trans was bad before this run and you should have fixed it before you put more horses to it to begin with. Dumb on your parts and letting it cool down when it slipped on the very first pull messes the dino up as well as making a full pull on it. Your just wasting time now. No Copper you start removing body panels and your air drag will eat you alive, do not forget the wind tunnel. It seems to me, if Leroy has two turbos in it so should Ruby. Plus Nitrous then put a heavy duty transmission to hold it. With build dif. Then you go something to run. There is no reason to think that Ruby will not experience the same problems Leroy had in his past.