Chris Brown - No Guidance (Audio) ft. Drake

  • Published on:  Friday, June 7, 2019
  • “No Guidance" ft. Drake out now! Chris Brown: Drake: #Drake #NoGuidance #Indigo
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  • Jayla Laws

     3 days ago

    The level of maturity on this track is just mind blowing 🙌🏾🙌🏾😂

  • Distinction Vilasafical

     seconds ago

    @GeAMVMaker lol it's funny how offended and toxic you are just because what he said.

  • Tyler Sprouse

     an hour ago

    GeAMVMaker Chris Brown raps a lot tho, and Drake is actually a pretty good singer imo

  • Dgrimz G

     3 days ago

    Now this is the old drake straight 🔥CB is a legend tho

  • Michael Fleming

     14 hours ago

    Drake killed this

  • Mike Retondo

     18 hours ago

    Kahlib Bostic not as many hits as he gave Rihanna

  • Ion Getya


    Who ever likes this will have Fame an and riches!🙌🏽 💯

  • MikeWazowski ForPresident

     53 minutes ago

    Wishing well: Hold my many pennies

  • the best


    No Guidance is Number 9 on The Billboard Charts!!! Let’s Stream it and Get it To NUMBER 1 !!!!!

  • Trece Hannah

     44 minutes ago

    @Joosh Bobaa I c what u mean

  • Joosh Bobaa

     an hour ago

    I mean, Old Town Road isn't any bad at all. I honestly like everything in the top ten right now, but No Guidance is no. 6 in my rankings. But realistically, this long probably doesn't have much longevity. It will maybe get to top 5? But after that it may free fall off the charts.

  • Sterryo Official

     12 days ago

    You will be rich one day hit the like button if you agree

  • Joosh Bobaa

     57 minutes ago

    @Maria Roman Jesus man

  • Joosh Bobaa

     57 minutes ago

    @timothy johnson So no head?

  • Sincerely_Hannah

     2 days ago

    Dayyyuuum the way Breezy comes in at 1:00 gives me chills 😍😩 and Drizzy just as smooth 🤤

  • Paris Battles

     an hour ago

    hope lawrence hell naw breezy came in hard you tweaking

  • Edsli


    No ShoppingNo StylistNo GuidanceNo New FriendsNo ComplaintsNo Tellin No Long TalkNo FraudNo LieDrake don't want nothing

  • Jonathon Wren

     an hour ago



     2 days ago

    “Seen how you did home boy, please take it easier on me”🔥🔥🔥

  • Vinicius Ortolan

     21 hours ago


     22 hours ago

    Simp shit

  • Foreign Drilla

     3 days ago

    Who so Eva reading this• Just kno your destined for greatness🙏🏽💰

  • Joosh Bobaa

     an hour ago

    @KING GOLD What about her? Your's was really fucking loose last night. I swear, fucking her was like punching smoke.


     7 hours ago

    Your momma niggah

  • Diego Gonzalez

     12 days ago

    Breezy + Drizzy = 🔥

  • Tony Stark


    Diego Gonzalez you mean = shitty song, love drake tho but chris brown makes shitty music 🙃