Chris Brown - No Guidance (Audio) ft. Drake



  • Sterryo Official

    Sterryo Official

     2 months ago +67058

    You will be rich one day hit the like button if you agree

  • rellyrell3991


     3 days ago +325

    Drake: you a little hot girl you a little sweet tea.
    Me: Sweeeeeet!

  • Rebecca Potter

    Rebecca Potter

     2 days ago +63

    That little hook part that come on right after he say give you my last name give me life🔥🔥🔥👌💯 they did that on this song Love It

  • the flash

    the flash

     2 days ago +57

    Drake x Chris Brown need to make more songs🔥🔥🔥🎸

  • JeVaughnte' Woods

    JeVaughnte' Woods

     2 days ago +64

    When Drake said "Seen how you did homeboy, please take it easy on me"
    I felt that shit 😵

  • lauren davino

    lauren davino

     20 hours ago +22

    no one:
    not one soul:
    white girls song to their boomerangs

  • Gyan El Patron

    Gyan El Patron

     7 hours ago +9

    How drake said in the end: i dont wanna play no games play no games. That gave me chills

  • Plrk just

    Plrk just

     yesterday +18

    this song a whole mood givin me memories i never even had 🤢💀

  • joyce Brooks

    joyce Brooks

     yesterday +22

    Think broke the replay button😂😒😚😘

  • Daniel Wingo

    Daniel Wingo

     2 months ago +14599

    Drake: Rihanna Don't want me
    Chris Brown: Same Here bro....lets drop some music

  • Jai Jimerson

    Jai Jimerson

     14 days ago +1929

    literally not a single soul:
    me at least 50 times a day: I DONT WANNA PLAY NO GAMESSSS

  • c Kaminski

    c Kaminski

     4 days ago +368

    This that driving thru the cities at night music

  • Treasure Luxury

    Treasure Luxury

     2 days ago +19

    This song gives me self confidence 😫

  • Kayelah Bean

    Kayelah Bean

     19 hours ago +4

    I don't think ill ever get tired of this song been here since it was out and on😁

  • Diego Gonzalez

    Diego Gonzalez

     2 months ago +10687

    Breezy + Drizzy = 🔥

  • Keisha Bell

    Keisha Bell

     7 days ago +749

    First time listening: nope
    Second time: eh it’s okay
    Third/ last time: YOU GOT IT GURL YOU GOT IT GURL!!!

  • Nicole Williams

    Nicole Williams

     2 days ago +7

    Chris Brown’s voice 🔥💋❤️🗣 u got it girl 😌

  • Gyan El Patron

    Gyan El Patron

     7 hours ago +5

    When drake said: i seen how you did homeboy so please take it easier on me. I felt that

  • Queen k _da best

    Queen k _da best

     4 days ago +243

    Whoelse got this song playing on repeat every day
    Edit: thx for so many likes yall the most I’ve ever got so far

  • Judy Poitras

    Judy Poitras

     1 months ago +2412

    whoever likes this will become rich and DRIP HARD