Patriots vs. Chiefs AFC Championship Highlights | NFL 2018 Playoffs



  • Ccody Shannon

    Ccody Shannon

     2 months ago +716

    Who else is watching football highlights from this past season while waiting for the next season to start?

  • Carlos Nieto

    Carlos Nieto

     6 months ago +2203

    This was the REAL super bowl.

  • mary conlon

    mary conlon

     6 months ago +1144

    Brady over here looking like buzz lightyear when he took his helmet off at the end

  • bigblue999


     6 months ago +723

    I think Patriot fans and Patriot haters can agree that this was the real Super Bowl.

  • Wolfman12395


     7 months ago +1613

    And......the Patriots have overcome that agonizing 11 month drought of not making it to the Super Bowl.....

  • ManSittinNext2DaMan


     6 months ago +650

    Legend has it that Andy Reid is still considering using one of those 3 OT timeouts to this day.

  • Noni Mulyana

    Noni Mulyana

     6 months ago +555

    Anyone back here after Superbowl 53 that just ended up 13-3?

  • Adam Goldstein

    Adam Goldstein

     2 months ago +110

    Tony Romo was a great qb but he is definitely the GOAT color commentator

  • Patriots God

    Patriots God

     6 months ago +439

    Dee ford has left the chat.

  • Kevin Deasy

    Kevin Deasy

     6 months ago +830

    Nobody is talking about the chiefs fan who was shinning a laser in bradys eye.
    Imagine if it was a pats fan to maholmes,
    Everyone would be like LASERGATE!!!!!!!!

  • anass gaatjenijsaan

    anass gaatjenijsaan

     2 months ago +86

    It's gonna be called tombradi trophy in a few years

  • TexasbombColCol


     6 months ago +359

    This game wAs better than the super bowl

  • gor9027


     6 months ago +89

    This game was the real Super Bowl. Rams embarrassed themselves and showed they didn’t belong.

  • Mean Machine

    Mean Machine

     7 months ago +940

    It ain’t the super bowl no more, it’s the Tom Brady invitational

  • William Coulter

    William Coulter

     2 months ago +138

    As a Patriots fan (whether we won the SB or not), this was one of the most satisfying wins in the Brady/Belichick era!!!

  • Herral Laster

    Herral Laster

     6 months ago +211

    I’m a pats fan but this was better then Super Bowl 53. I wish it was Saints vs Patriots

  • Jack Nelson

    Jack Nelson

     5 months ago +186

    It’s not the Lombardi trophy
    It’s the TomBrady trophy

  • Quanae Turner

    Quanae Turner

     6 months ago +82

    Even though they lost this still was a great season for the Cheifs

  • Czarcasm


     7 months ago +1317

    Welcome rams to the annual patriots invitational

  • Malai Samy Ramamoorthy

    Malai Samy Ramamoorthy

     6 months ago +53

    Heck of a game. Better than this year's superbowl. I came back after watching that. Feels good to watch a good game. Tom Brady is more excited here than winning the Superbowl. lol..