[M/V] LeeSoRa- Song Request (Feat. SUGA of BTS)

  • Published on:  Tuesday, January 22, 2019
  • [M/V] LeeSoRa- Song Request (Feat. SUGA of BTS)LeeSoRa's New Single Album [Song request]Now Available on : ▶Bugs : https://music.bugs.co.kr/album/843552▶iTunes : https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/son...SUPER SOUND, BUGS!http://www.bugs.co.kr
  • Source: https://youtu.be/ij0SQZcqnPU



     4 months ago

    Is there any army come here give a support view?Me and armys

  • Multi_ Fandom_Army

     3 months ago

    *This* is the difference between suga and agustD

  • em0ji police

     28 days ago

    @I SHIP SOPE SO M6CH IM GOING TO DIE to your username, same


     1 months ago


  • N Naharin

     3 months ago

    Suga and Lee Sora, thats perfect combination. A good rapper and a soft voice

  • Monisha Challa

     1 months ago

    Oops I'm so late but still love it... Yoongi you know our weakness

  • Miss Jeon

     3 months ago

    Who’s here after watching BANGTANTV Yoongi recording this?? 😂

  • Devadarshan Acalendra

     1 months ago


  • Megan Bell

     4 months ago

    While I’m a huge Yoongi stan we need to talk about all the artists involved. Lee Sora and Tablo also did amazing work. 3 insanely talented artists came together to create a song that I view as extremely relatable. Not just to me but I’m sure everyone has had moments like that described in this song. Music has a power to make us feel so many emotions. These artists know that and you can feel the care they put into this. Lee Sora and Tablo deserve your attention as well.

  • Megan Bell

     4 months ago

    mochi's nooder EH comes up in Hip Hop Phile /힙합성애자 multiple times. All of rap line has cited them at some point. Knowing other old school American hip hop artists they’ve cited as well, I can see why they would look up to EH so much. I see their influence most heavily in Yoongi. Tbh that’s why he’s my bias 😅 I much prefer old school style over a lot of new rap/hip hop.

  • mochi's nooder

     4 months ago

    Tablo is incredible, and if I remember correctly both Yoongi and Namjoon cited Epik High as a reason they wanted to get into rap. I hope more ARMYs listen to Tablo/EH. Really incredible stuff

  • 앗싸

     3 months ago

    Lee Sora was a korean legend singer with whispering vocal. Thanks to popular BTS, her song comes out to public. Thanks all for this song.

  • April Yoon And TaisupYoon

     1 months ago

    Not was, she 'IS' always a legend singer in Korea.

  • BTS._.suga:3

     3 months ago

    Those 2.2k dislikes are people who can’t seem to see the like button because they are in tears

  • d.99 '

     17 days ago

    BTS._.suga:3 it becomes 2.4 dislikes

  • hambre :c這是人類

     2 months ago

    Lee sora + Suga = perfección Ame la canción, simplemente hermosa ♡

  • BTS SueJi Bae

     3 months ago