VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi 3

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  • Published on:  Saturday, June 8, 2019
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/geJg1CZv_-Y


  • MickeRamone

     1 months ago

    The way he pronounced Matrix at the beginning made me question reality

  • A Starwave

     4 days ago

    @Junior Lopes Nao é assim em portugues nao, meu chapa

  • Alan G. Glez

     5 days ago

    @Lazzen it's matriz

  • Brett Eide

     22 days ago

    He pronounced The Matrix like someone who has said it in his head a million times, but never actually heard anyone else say it.

  • Derek Bravo

     3 days ago

    Brett Eide he's saying like a mexican

  • Flowmasta Flam

     1 months ago

    The Matrix was so revolutionary. It's insane how well they made it. It could have been released today 20 years later and it would still be impressive.

  • Kratios 3 3

     10 days ago

    Please fix blade 2

  • Je Yi

     11 days ago

    Twilight was one of the greatest comedies ever! That baby had me laughing non stop.

  • chico araña

     9 days ago

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ... yep they’re shit just like your sense of humor.

  • Franz2099

     19 days ago

    LMAO you guys roasting that ugly Superman's mouth just made my day

  • Odin Satanas

     17 days ago

    Hahaha that scene sums up the Snyder DC movies in a nutshellHalf assed janky CG, bad lofty dialogue, no identity if its own and trying to ape marvel, since it's just copying the handheld intro to homecomingBoring and dull, followed by a terrible intro to Batman squatting like a dork and having none of his aura of terrorThey're just all flash no substance, with 10th grader essay thesaurus lofty dialogue so dumb people can think it's smart and deep hahaThey're just so cringeworthy compared to Nolan's

  • Jason Lehne

     1 months ago

    "The Matress is one of my favorite movies of all time" lol

  • this Kid

     10 days ago

    Yall are being so painfully dumb he's literally kidding

  • Kirk WAHmett 89

     12 days ago

    Mad9977 Productions so clothes, no matter how far.

  • Charlie Daniels

     1 months ago

    0:23 Hello, is this Keanu Reeves?No, this is Matrick!(shout out to MickeRamone for pointing this out)

  • Marithé Tuyub

     10 days ago

    Ok in defense of the “Matrix” pronunciation...in Latin America, we say it like that lol

  • Charlie!77

     5 days ago

    That's true (i'm from Argentina),I did not even notice anything strange until I saw the comments section

  • Adam Snyder

     11 hours ago

    I was super surprised to see the UFC rotoscoping matches.

  • jcnwillemsen

     14 days ago

    The Resident evil laser scene has major flaws looking from a medical perspective ( I'm a MD PhD). The decapitation scene, slows a clean cut, without any arterial of venous flow from the opposites ends. Its simple not possible to coagulate aterial blood flow in an instant, since it flows fast, even with extreme high energy. And if this could be possible, it makes zero sense that you see the skin bleeding.. A low pressure, superficial system, bleeds, but deep major arteries ( with 30x diameter), closer t...

  • jcnwillemsen

     4 days ago

    and the in dutch it is called fysiologie, understand my typo?