Lil Wayne - Don’t Cry ft. XXXTENTACION

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, January 22, 2019
  • Don't Cry ft. XXXTENTACTION (Official Video)

    Happy Birthday @xxxtentacionThe World misses u slime. #RestInParadise#LongLiveX

    Song Available on Tha Carter V:

    Connect with Lil Wayne:

    Video Directors: Jay & Georgio Rodriguez
    Video Producers: Keith Brown & Omar Reynoso
    Video Editor: Jay Rodriguez
    Visual Effects Supervisor: Max Colt
    Visual Effects Artist: Fahmi Galih & Adyatama Putra
    Visual Effects Company: Frender
    Production Company: Rodriquez Bros Media

    Music video by Lil Wayne performing Don’t Cry. © 2019 Young Money Records, Inc.
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  • Rias Gremory

    Rias Gremory

     27 minutes ago

    Wenn du Weinen musst:

    Keine Schwäche zeigen

  • Shahb


     an hour ago


  • Dat boi?!?!?!

    Dat boi?!?!?!

     an hour ago +1

    Legends never die like xxx cause I think hes still alive bc he been poasting



     4 hours ago

    J'aime cette musique

  • Sirius Black

    Sirius Black

     4 hours ago

    The chorus bursts the heart into pieces.

  • Lars


     5 hours ago

  • Corbin Kusz

    Corbin Kusz

     7 hours ago

    Drakes got more views than x could get in two lifetimes

  • Gary Joseph

    Gary Joseph

     11 hours ago

    Waynes actual best shit lyrically in years.

  • CaXaPoK PLaY

    CaXaPoK PLaY

     12 hours ago

    Х is forever in our lives 😭🙏💔

  • ashton tindell

    ashton tindell

     16 hours ago

    I get so numb when I listen to this song.... Wbu?

  • Kim Gow

    Kim Gow

     17 hours ago

    Mad demonic symbolism in this bc Drake killed him and cash money sold themselves!!

  • Xd Clownzzy

    Xd Clownzzy

     17 hours ago

    1 day befo my birthday btw my birthday is jan 23

  • Siķka Mohoree

    Siķka Mohoree

     18 hours ago

  • Samensky Luxce

    Samensky Luxce

     20 hours ago

    Dont' cryyyyyyyyy😢😢😢😢

    I need you xxxtentacion😓😓

  • AssistSZN


     20 hours ago

    Yeah, C5
    Don't cry, don't go
    Won't lie, I fuckin' love you, whoa
    Why y'all staring into the clouds
    Am I rising or they comin' down?
    I see death around the corner
    And the U-turn sign's lookin' like a smile
    What do I do now? Who gon' find me, how?
    Nowhere to turn but around and round
    Just another nigga who done lost his head
    No, a fucking king that forgot his crown
    I am not number one, it's true
    I'm number 9-27-82
    Color blind, even if I may be blue
    A lot on my plate, ain't my favorite food
    But I'm hungry, so hungry
    Need my family tree next to a money tree
    With a bunch of leaves in the Garden of Eden
    With a bunch of Eves, no fruit punch for me
    I sip from the fountain of youth
    So if I die young, blame the juice
    Bury me in New Orleans
    Tombstone reads…

  • Andrew Le

    Andrew Le

     21 hours ago

    wish x could've been in this

  • Ace Hardy

    Ace Hardy

     22 hours ago

    X 🙏🏽

  • Ellie McManus

    Ellie McManus

     23 hours ago

    LLX rip we love you <3

  • Stephanie Burke

    Stephanie Burke

     23 hours ago

    Rip X we all miss you 😘

  • Chandler Bruce

    Chandler Bruce