Ruby's NEW Heads Sound BEEFY! Bald Eagles Are Ready to BOG! (RTB)

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  • Published on:  Sunday, June 9, 2019
  • Glad to have Ruby almost 100% before RMRW. Time to put her on the dyne and see how much power she makes! CLEETUS MERCH - Cleetus and Cars dates:Aug 24th HoustonNov 23th BradentonHere's the new Cleetus2 Channel -'s our Full Schedule for 2019!'s new channel -'s Injectors! -'s BILLET Intake! - (10% off one if you use coupon code "GODBLESSAMERICA")-Leroy's Clutch (LT1-RR Triple Disc) -'s ECU (Holley Dominator) - Turbo (turbos, BOV, waste gates) - -Jeremy's Shop, Fasterproms (tuning) - (813) 476-7364-Texas Speed & Performance - (512) 863-0900-Motion Raceworks - Performance Plus - (727) 849-9300-RPM Transmissions - T4 Flanges -**Social Media:Instagram - -**SEND ME FAN MAIL... (bald eagles welcome) Cleetus McFarland12961 44th St N. Ste BClearwater, FL 33762United States of America
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  • Bapo Rapo

    Bapo Rapo

     2 months ago +988

    Waiting for y’all to drive the bogger across the pond

  • 83cjwest


     2 months ago +554

    You guys realllllllly need to open that truck load of fan mail before your trip. Pretty sure there is some stuff in there you may need for race week...😎

  • Eurobeat


     2 months ago +530

    When do we have a bogger episode where you finally go across the lake.
    For murica 🦅🦅🦅

  • User100


     2 months ago +277

    I felt like the lady from Titanic waiting for a new Cleetus video
    'It's been 84 years!'

  • Samuel Negron

    Samuel Negron

     2 months ago +46

    Literally every unboxing on the channel 😂
    Cooper : Package opener
    Cleetus : Hypeman
    James : Expains what we’re looking at

  • The Postman

    The Postman

     2 months ago +75

    Savage comment of the week goes to cooper: "wow, you make that in shop class" 😂😂😂😂😂😂👌👌

  • Grizzly Garage

    Grizzly Garage

     2 months ago +83

    Remember when this was staying a budget build/junkyard build? Pretty sure everyone called it wasn't gonna stay like that

  • Aaron Mills

    Aaron Mills

     2 months ago +76

    Can we get an update on the jet car and also coopers engine what being built

  • Chaos Rein

    Chaos Rein

     2 months ago +36

    When you hear the fuel pump over the car you know you finna get gapped

  • Brad Thomas

    Brad Thomas

     2 months ago +41

    Cooper knows Ruby is a squirter, he gave her a little squeeze!!! 🤣🤣🤣

  • Big Hoss

    Big Hoss

     2 months ago +97

    Rocked my piston rods and Dad bods shirt to the store earlier and got 2 compliments 😎👍

  • Randy F.

    Randy F.

     2 months ago +9

    Cleeter man I love this channel but if you keep cutting James off while he’s talking I’m going ship Coca-Cola to your shop. Thanks!

  • Fuck Your Feeelins Sharkin

    Fuck Your Feeelins Sharkin

     2 months ago +30

    Who else thinks it would've been badass if they took the Dale Truck?

  • Sr. Dabsalot

    Sr. Dabsalot

     2 months ago +35

    #13:30 the BEST high five I seen ever in all 100000 episodes.... lol oh grab a dew

  • JTH Plays

    JTH Plays

     2 months ago +7

    I would enjoy ruby content significantly more if the headlights were replaced and or repaired.

  • matthew morris

    matthew morris

     2 months ago +12

    We all know where toys r us's giraffe went. He's just making faster toys.😂

  • Timothy Archer

    Timothy Archer

     2 months ago +3

    Ruby sounds all Awesome Sauce with her new heads installed! Sweet! RTB, baby. Let them Bald Eagles FLY!

  • Diesel Trucks

    Diesel Trucks

     2 months ago +13

    Cooper- “wow did you make that in shop class?” 😂😂😂😂

  • Jonathan Ciaciura

    Jonathan Ciaciura

     2 months ago +16

    Junkyard motor while EVERYTHING else has been upgraded lol
    epic awesomeness!

  • Sean Bowers

    Sean Bowers

     2 months ago +3

    Those heads looked amazing on my galaxy s10+! The whole video did.