Sakurai Teases Smash Bros Ultimate DLC for the E3 Nintendo Direct

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  • Published on:  Saturday, June 8, 2019
  • Sakurai appeared at the Nintendo Smash Bros Ultimate invitational to tease new DLC to be announced during the Nintendo Direct.---------------------------------Follow GameXplain!---------------------------------➤ PATREON:➤ FACEBOOK::➤ TWITTER:➤ SOUNDCLOUD:➤ INSTAGRAM:➤ GOOGLE+:⮞ GameXplain's Official Gaming/Editing PC by NZXT:⮞ NEW Under the Super Scope shirt @⮞ Get our Real Talk Podcast early for $1/month at
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  • DomyJMZ


     2 months ago +3002

    Uh Oh!
    It turned into a Fake Smash Ball

  • bat comics2Ze_ro#BandanaWaddleDeeforDLC

    bat comics2Ze_ro#BandanaWaddleDeeforDLC

     2 months ago +3451

    Leaks: exists
    Masahiro Sakurai: Uh Oh! It turned into a Fake Smash ball

  • Double A

    Double A

     2 months ago +1326

    Uh oh, it turned into a fake smash ball!
    Mark my words that’s gonna become a meme, especially for leaks that turn out to be fake.

  • Benjamin Thompson

    Benjamin Thompson

     2 months ago +885

    0:01 "Hello, I'm Masahiro Sakurai from Sora Ltd."
    Sora is confirmed, guys

  • Falcon


     2 months ago +755

    Sakurai just basically said: Sorry for my game being so good.
    And hes right.

  • Konata Izumi

    Konata Izumi

     2 months ago +4265

    Sakurai standing next to the Smash logo, Sakurai is the next DLC character!

  • Chick Boi

    Chick Boi

     2 months ago +374

    Who else went back a few seconds after Sakurai said ‘fake smash ball’?

  • Christina Gaming1029

    Christina Gaming1029

     2 months ago +226

    "what or who he may be talking about"
    " what or who"
    calling it - next DLC character is the lightbulb

  • Double A

    Double A

     2 months ago +273

    Wait a minute, he finds it entertaining to watch others play, and would like to take a break from his hard work...
    Sakurai for Smash!?

  • Oliver Brooke

    Oliver Brooke

     2 months ago +116

    Doug Bowser: I think many of you may want to tune in next week to see
    W H A T
    or who he may be talking about.
    TeTriS BLoCk

  • GGKID2000


     2 months ago +258

    Me: Cool, Sakurai has a real Smash Ball.
    Sees it turn to a Fake Smash Ball

  • Dededelightful


     2 months ago +38

    When the Grinch Leak was deconfirmed
    Uh oh! It turned into a Fake Smash Ball.

  • Natto Nep

    Natto Nep

     2 months ago +348

    Sakurai: I'm busy working on the next fighter.
    Me: Guh-Huh

  • B REX 34

    B REX 34

     2 months ago +97

    My life in a nutshell:
    Uh oh! It’s a fake now!

  • Hamsterifically Ivan

    Hamsterifically Ivan

     2 months ago +2751

    "It turned into a Fake Smash Ball"
    so basically Sakurai said: "I'm about to ruin these fake leakers whole career"

  • DaDude


     2 months ago +24

    The entire smash fanbase: Kowalski, Analysis

  • Megan Karow

    Megan Karow

     2 months ago +62

    so basically, both erdrick and banjo might be fake.
    and any “deconfirmed” leaks might ALSO be fake.
    this should be good.

  • Leon Kohfall

    Leon Kohfall

     2 months ago +69

    All that attention to the...

  • TheMarionick


     2 months ago +40

    Miyamoto: * Doesn't appear at Microsoft conference *
    GameXplain's ''Miyamoto might appear at Microsoft conference'' video: * Disappears *

  • Antonio Hernandez

    Antonio Hernandez

     2 months ago +1381

    Screw the new Smash Fighter announcement. Why isnt anyone talking about how supportive of a parent Bowser is by wearing that shirt.