Ronald McDonald vs The Burger King. Epic Rap Battles of History

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  • Published on:  Saturday, June 8, 2019
  • Epic Rap Battles of History Ronald McDonald vs Burger King. Download this song here: Produced by Tone Jonez: and Burger King get into each other’s grills for the third battle of Season 6!! Who won? Who’s next? You decide! Watch the Behind The Scenes here: Thanks to all of our Patrons. To join our Patreon and receive cool benefits go to: What’s up Stitches!There’s a great story to this video and it mostly starts with you. We did a spin-off video called Flash In the Pan Hip-hop Conflicts of Nowadays featuring Ronald McDonald vs The Burger King. You dug it but the verdict was clear that there should have been a Wendy’s cameo and that we should make the matchup a video for the main channel. We also left out a few clutch disses in the lyrics (ahem) foot lettuce...and you helped us plug those holes. So dope.So after much sizzle and preparation, have it your way. See you next & eLOfficial ERB Website: https://erbofhistory.comOfficial ERB Merch: https://erbmerch.comAnd don't forget to subscribe to our channel: you!np & eL#epicrapbattles #ronaldmcdonald #burgerking #wendy #wendystwitterCAST==========Ronald McDonald: Nice Peterhttp://www.nicepeter.com King: EpicLLOYD @theepiclloydWendy: MC GoldiloxxIG: @TashInAweAbandoned Kid: Atul SinghIG: @atultimeCREW==========Executive Producers: Peter Shukoff and Lloyd Ahlquist Producer: Atul SinghWritten by Nice Peter, EpicLLOYD, Zach Sherwin, Dante Cimadamore, MC Goldiloxx and the many kickass members of our Patreon Writers Crew.Beat Produced by Tone Jones: Mixed and Mastered by Nice PeterDirected by: Nice PeterAssistant Directed by EpicLLOYDDirector of Photography: Jon NaGaffer: Andy ChinnDepartment Make-Up Head: Ashlyn McIntyreMake-Up and Hair: Ruth HaneyDIT / Playback: Josh BestCostume Designer and Property Master: Morgan ChristensenProduction Assistants: Chris Miller and Andy SandovalVideo Editors: Daniel Flesher, Josh Best, Nice PeterVFX: Javi Sánchez BlancoProduced by Atul SinghShot on the Arri Alexa MiniKeEp iN TOuch WitH Us OnliNe!========
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  • Wendy's


     2 months ago +66803

    I'm glad I could come in and destroy these fast food clowns

  • Nikola Manojlovic

    Nikola Manojlovic

     2 days ago +190

    I like how MGK got destroyed as collateral damage.

  • LeCarnage


     7 days ago +939

    "I'm fast food Eminem, you're Machine Gun Kelly."

  • Rusty


     7 days ago +727

    Wendy sure is lucky they didn’t have time to roast her back lmao

  • Hairy Heartsmith

    Hairy Heartsmith

     2 days ago +23

    I would love to see Andrew Jackson's crazy ass go up against Genghis Khan.

  • Anthony Long

    Anthony Long

     21 days ago +3616

    “Your style’s like your ice cream machines. Broken.”
    Everyone felt that.

  • Joshua Rogers

    Joshua Rogers

     4 days ago +21

    As soon as I heard the female voice in the background i was like "oh good the sass mouthed redhead of square burgers has arrived."

  • Farihah Shuhaimi

    Farihah Shuhaimi

     7 days ago +490

    Wendy!!!! 🔥🔥🔥
    But gotta admit, the line, “Call you Ronald Donald cause thereʼs no MC in you” killssssssss

  • TheExplodingBacon


     7 days ago +516

    not a single soul:
    My brain at 3 am: WELCOME TO BK!!

  • Waves


     7 days ago +393

    You're a bin full of lettuce, facing da feet (defeat)
    Burger King Foot Lettuce

  • Neet Samurai

    Neet Samurai

     2 months ago +3385

    Keanu Reeves vs Bob Ross, but they are complimenting each other

  • Nicholas Olivarez

    Nicholas Olivarez

     yesterday +5

    When he said “Why don’t you call me Ronald Jeremy, cause I’m getting nasty” With that huge smile I couldn’t help but to laugh wtf 😂😂😂😂

  • Leopard 2 MBT

    Leopard 2 MBT

     3 days ago +151

    “McDonald’s gave your job to a box with a face”
    Damm bruh that hit hard

  • Radu Florin Oancea

    Radu Florin Oancea

     2 days ago +53

    "You're a bin full of lettuce,facing da feet"
    They really referenced the "burger king foot lettuce" meme?

  • The Donut Gamer

    The Donut Gamer

     7 days ago +112

    Honestly I prefer Wendy's food but Burger King destroyed ronald.

  • Dwalla


     2 months ago +3303

    Why is there not a "Dr. Phil vs Steve Harvey" one yet?

  • Angelika Nair

    Angelika Nair

     2 days ago +9

    This whole video is a perfect representation of the fat in me trying to decide what to eat for lunch😂

  • Dante Redgrave

    Dante Redgrave

     14 days ago +195

    SEQUEL: Wendy vs Colonel Sanders! With a surprise visit from Jack Box!

  • Danny Chesney

    Danny Chesney

     2 days ago +11

    Mac better than Android?
    ... Aaaalright.

  • Jacob Serrano

    Jacob Serrano

     7 days ago +78

    You know, I got oddly excited to see the Wendy’s girl show up.