How did Apple DO this?? - MacBook Pro 2019

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  • Published on:  Sunday, June 9, 2019
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    Another year, another MacBook… Or so it seems. Has Apple changed more than just the spec this time around, or can we judge this book by its cover?

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  • kousoulides


     13 hours ago

    the legend says the ad finishes at: 1:29

  • 22chachalaca


     14 hours ago +2

    2013 MacBook Pro retina no issues in 6 years still flys.

  • Sushil Rai

    Sushil Rai

     19 hours ago

    Damn that thumbnail is precious !!!!!

  • Matt Sponholz

    Matt Sponholz

     21 hours ago

    Brilliant! Happy to see you represent, Anthony! Great job!

  • JustifyJustin



    Wait so I'm supposed to get excited by the 2019 MBP i9 being able to sustain 2.7ghz under load when a stock Dell Precision hits 3.4ghz and 4.2ghz (undervolted) sustained at 82*c. Well done Apple slow clap

  • System Down

    System Down


    Apple was and always will be behind.

  • Lumenor



    Am I the only one who finds his voice softer and better than Linus?

  • Keene Saul Crescini

    Keene Saul Crescini


    Great inputs! Will probably update to a new Macbook if they update the keyboard design. Thanks, Anthony!

  • Rizki Adi Nugraha

    Rizki Adi Nugraha

     2 days ago

    Who buys a Macbook for gaming anyway

  • Jakobe_BryantGaming


     2 days ago

    How does a keyboard be a strong contender to replace a 2011 macbook??

  • Cristian Coronado

    Cristian Coronado

     2 days ago

    MacBook keyboard fix= optical mechanical key upgrade

  • Cristian Marín Segura

    Cristian Marín Segura

     4 days ago

    And you know what else is a strong contender? THE MASSDROP CONTROL KEYBOARD

  • Greg Childers

    Greg Childers

     4 days ago

    Damn good vid

  • Sankalp Bansal

    Sankalp Bansal

     5 days ago +1

    That intro ♥️

  • Dustine Jao

    Dustine Jao

     5 days ago

    Best LTT video to date

  • LookingGlassProject


     6 days ago

    apple took a dump ans sandwich it between two aluminium plates and a screen and people lap it up.

  • Agent piggles

    Agent piggles

     6 days ago

    I love Anthony’s reviews he reviews things from a typical consumers standpoint not a typical tech reviewer that is always buying the newest tech and doesn’t care about long term reliability

  • tryitout -

    tryitout -

     6 days ago

    is it worth it to buy a 15 inch 2015 macbook pro?

  • Forger_TJ97


     6 days ago

    I don't get it...why do we need Linus Tech Tips when we already have Anthony Tech Tips?
    Guys!? I just don't get it......

  • Gerardo Hernandez

    Gerardo Hernandez

     7 days ago

    The keyboard on this pro model is the feel for me