James Corden's Electrifying 2019 Tony Awards Opening Number Salutes The Magic Of Live Broadway

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  • Published on:  Sunday, June 9, 2019
  • James Corden celebrated the magic of live shows, with a brief interruption from Bryan Cranston, to open the 2019 Tony Awards. James was joined on stage by the casts of Ain't Too Proud, Tootsie, Oklahoma!, Beetlejuice, The Prom, Hadestown, and Kiss Me, Kate. Watch the 73rd Annual Tony Awards live on the West Coast at 8pm on CBS and CBS All Access, and stream the show on demand with CBS All Access.
  • Source: https://youtu.be/UeOy1WKeTRY


  • Khadija Shee

    Khadija Shee

     2 months ago +5772

    "Do you want to be a presenter, or an actor, or a singer, or a comedian, or a host, or a dancer, or get into Broadway "
    James: YES,

  • Matt Krath

    Matt Krath

     2 months ago +1985

    The irony is that I'm enjoying this via YouTube 6 days later...

  • Rob Klarmann

    Rob Klarmann

     2 months ago +1118

    James Corden had to work damn hard to get where he is today. This was an exceptional opening! Perhaps he could bring that same fun back to the Academy Awards. :)

  • Warner1929


     2 months ago +1071

    James rocked this. It's such an incredible opening. Seeing him close tears and smiling, you can see he poured his heart and soul into this.

  • Bobby Roach

    Bobby Roach

     2 months ago +659

    24,601 shows left on his queue... Les Mis reference!

  • David Cherrie

    David Cherrie

     2 months ago +2549

    First standing ovation for an opening number since 2013 with NPH’s Bigger.

  • Lisa Williams

    Lisa Williams

     2 months ago +814

    I teared up a little when he got the standing O. He did an excellent job!!!❤👏👏

  • Evaniya Thomas

    Evaniya Thomas

     2 months ago +643


  • Savvy Core

    Savvy Core

     2 months ago +746

    Okay, I legit started tearing up at 9:49! He was so appreciated of the standing ovation.. you can tell he was so proud of himself ☺️☺️☺️☺️ it made my heart so happy

  • Ellen Ciompi

    Ellen Ciompi

     2 months ago +232

    Those dancers....legs for days, muscle & grace...the men lifting James Corden with ease, the ladies in 3" heels...and all with a smile, even while they're singing. Incredible.

  • p o

    p o

     2 months ago +2629

    He sang the names of about 20 different TV shows all in 1 BREATH...marinate on that for a minute! This guy is brilliant!!!

  • BubblyBrainiac


     2 months ago +198

    Alex Brightman wins for staying in character with that stare. Oh my god.

  • Giuseppina Sanger

    Giuseppina Sanger

     2 months ago +485

    Wow, the amount of work that went into his performing that opening number is incredible. He is not only talented, but obviously so hard working and dedicated. Hats off to him!!

  • Amir Mullick

    Amir Mullick

     2 months ago +260

    9:38 I stopped. I felt emotional and shed a tear. Your achievements are remarkable. You have worked hard and stayed humble. You are a gem of a human and I am so very happy for you. Great work man.

  • Sanfranshelley & Jolie

    Sanfranshelley & Jolie

     2 months ago +194

    Awwww the ending was like," They like me, they really like me!" Sweet ✌️😍🤟

  • Madison Mims

    Madison Mims

     2 months ago +1970

    Watches an entire segment about being live and in person... not live and on a computer...
    The irony.

  • Evaniya Thomas

    Evaniya Thomas

     2 months ago +612

    "I'm bloated as hell and I can't take it anymore!!!" LMAOOOOOOO I WHEEZED SO HARD

  • Bells Draws

    Bells Draws

     1 months ago +53

    This song is great for celebrating how live theather is exciting, but I also wish there was a streaming platform to watch these shows since getting to NY is crazy expensive.

  • Ayanna Fraley Moore

    Ayanna Fraley Moore

     2 months ago +111

    Now THAT’S how you open a show!!!!!!!!!!
    And he was so cute at the end tearing up and feeling overwhelmed with joy and pride and from receiving the love and ovation from the Broadway industry!

  • Ceecee Lemon

    Ceecee Lemon

     2 months ago +90

    "Law & Order corpses?" 🤣🤣🤣