Xbox Project Scarlett Console Announcement | Microsoft Xbox E3 2019

  • Published on:  Sunday, June 9, 2019
  • This is our first look at the next generation Xbox Console: Project Scarlett. 120 fps, 8k gaming. And it launches with Halo. For even more in-depth coverage visit:
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  • satvik pasrija

     10 days ago

    No more loading screensGTA: *I'm about to end this man's whole career.*

  • Nemesis


    No you're loading screens was advertised with the first gen Xbox yet here we are again

  • BiggyJ

     9 days ago


  • Loco Busters

     10 days ago

    So glad the new consoles are coming out with 8k gaming. I can finally play 8k games with my 1080p TV

  • Tom Whitworth

     5 hours ago

    Have you heard of 60 fps and supersampling?

  • Emmanuel Akalusi


    @My Penis is unbelievably small, but what attention was he getting this is a comment chain ya moron lmao

  • Daniel Garica

     9 days ago

    2005: Red ring of fire.2020: Your house is on fire.

  • Oscar Lopez



  • Lana Kurda

     2 days ago

    Oscar Lopez can i see it?

  • Oscar Castro

     10 days ago

    10 years from nowWe added loading screen because gamers wanted the nostalgia of gaming, since gaming will always be gamingAnd loading screens.Edit: 500 likes damn, you guys really want those loading screens

  • Diamond Playz

     7 days ago

    The crowd be likeWOOOOOOOOOO

  • Lelouch vi Britannia

     8 days ago

    @Nik A like right now you guys are testing out 16k gaming for us so in a decade we can use it too when it gets cheaper

  • FrostyFeet


    Xbox: “scarlet will have hdmi 2.1 and will support 120 FPS at 8k” Console scrub’s misinterpretations: “games will now run at 8k 120 FPS on Xbox”

  • sesshomaru2005

     11 days ago

    a console should be designed for gaming..... oh my god , they discover fire.

  • I Do Not Associate With Niggurs

     2 days ago

    They discovered America

  • Nathan IJpma

     6 days ago

    You can respect the fact that he's willing to listen right? How many corporations do that nowadays...

  • Helio Rider

     9 days ago

    "NO MORE LOADING SCREENS"GTA V: Let me Introduce myself...

  • The 206 guy

     8 days ago


  • JuiceExtraction

     10 days ago

    “A console should be designed for gaming”You don’t say?

  • Xcloud Scarlett Warrior 360

     5 days ago

    The Xbox One launch has got to be one of the worst in history...

  • koila maoh

     8 days ago

    It'll come with ads...

  • Daynbren

     10 days ago

    Finally a console that will keep up with The Sims

  • Deavion Martin

     9 days ago

    No it’s bigger than that.itll finally be able to keep up with MINECRAFT.

  • FREE Will Dummies!

     10 days ago