A Very Futuristic Smartphone...

  • Published on:  Sunday, June 9, 2019
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/RXhxkQWD8T4


  • Unbox Therapy

     11 days ago

    my OTHER channel - https://youtube.com/lewlater

  • Dilly Mac Milly

     5 days ago

    What watch are you wearing?

  • トキ

     11 days ago

    Oppo: futuristic.Weeks later: banned.

  • q g

     3 days ago

    midnight 776 also depends on whether you are willing to provide data in the future

  • midnight 776

     4 days ago

    @q g so any phone company that use Qualcomm is not under the US hit list?

  • Subscribe or I will eat your cookies

     10 days ago

    50years later:Apple: *We have added a headphone jack on our Apple Stand!*

  • wasim shaikh

     2 days ago

    And that costs $499 more

  • wang爱谁谁

     6 days ago


  • Luis Gustavo

     3 days ago

    The camera even simulates your FBI agent. Very realistic.

  • REMY -YT

     11 days ago

    Now you can stalk your Crush From 10 miles away

  • The Renegades

     3 days ago

    She has 17 restraining orders on me

  • Detective Pikachu

     5 days ago

    So you should use P30 pro not reno

  • Sambal Balado

     3 days ago

    Reno = redmi noteXiaomi : -_- is it that hard to find another name?

  • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

     11 days ago

    Oppo : futuristic smartphoneApple : futuristic price on display stand

  • ricky hartnick

     3 days ago

    All of this over a phone...Damn

  • Best jaaziel

     4 days ago


  • MexicanosDelMundo

     11 days ago

    3:51 Plot twist - the real magic trick here: this is one of the few devices in the world that has ever captured Jack's image

  • neosrt10

     10 days ago

    Dude get a life ...

  • Lil Lexus

     10 days ago

    @Crit My Shorts i fuck you bloody bastard

  • Отель Лубянка


    Well u forgot to test the 60x zoom man

  • Lig29ht

     10 days ago

    Next up, those under-display selfie cameras!

  • сука ыуат

     9 days ago

    They are really cool but the display becomes like 98% transparent so the camera isnt gonna be as clear as a standard camera.

  • JayDBlaze

     10 days ago