Last To Leave VR Wins $20,000

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  • Published on:  Saturday, June 8, 2019
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  • MrBeast


     2 months ago +71540

    Subscribe or I’ll kick chandler

  • EXT Swerve

    EXT Swerve

     2 months ago +20543

    This is how many people wanted Chandler to win

  • Lillian Rose

    Lillian Rose

     1 months ago +2468

    mrbeast: whoever is chandler gets 10k
    chandler: *becomes chris*

  • Dick Dragon

    Dick Dragon

     1 months ago +1809

    First one to hold a beer wins $10,000
    Chandler: Hold my beer

  • Hannah


     6 days ago +178

    So the sand challenge was basically only a challenge for Chandler?

  • Hey hey Hey hey

    Hey hey Hey hey

     1 months ago +974

    Chandler: I NEED TO GET OUUUT!!!!
    Mr. Beast: gives chandler a Gary toy
    Chandler: suddenly fine Gary! Meeeoow.
    Gary falls
    Chandler: GET ME OUT!!!

  • Mary Nighter

    Mary Nighter

     2 months ago +13297

    Chandler this is how Many people love you

  • ItsMilton


     1 months ago +244

    Mr beast: i give you 50k if youur name is Chandler.
    Chandler: changes his name to Chanler.

  • Gaia-


     6 days ago +165

    Mr beast: first one to lose the challenge gets $10K
    Chandler: * wins *

  • Naruto Uzumaki The 7th Hokage

    Naruto Uzumaki The 7th Hokage

     yesterday +29

    6:57 Chandler: crow sounds
    This Is How Many People Laughed

  • Sonny and the Hotspurs

    Sonny and the Hotspurs

     22 hours ago +7

    First one to lose challenge gets $10,000
    Chandler: Wins

  • Ari


     2 months ago +1671

    Beast: First one to touch the ground wins
    Chandler: floats

  • TNT Tim

    TNT Tim

     7 days ago +149

    Chandler is actually the saddest person on this channel

  • Brandon_ Gamer Tai

    Brandon_ Gamer Tai

     2 days ago +13

    I wanna cry because Chandler can't even win

  • Layla Dai

    Layla Dai

     6 days ago +28

    I have never seen chandler genuinely cry before.

  • SupremeOne


     2 days ago +19

    Mrbeast: last to leave Vr wins $20,000
    Sao players: hold my beer

  • Electric Dragon

    Electric Dragon

     2 months ago +12241

    A dollar for every time we want chandler to win

  • GingyBread


     1 months ago +134

    Chandler: I'm good at losing
    Jimmy: it's only $50k
    Chandler: wat

  • Ruri Akahima

    Ruri Akahima

     12 hours ago +3

    I feel bad for Chandler and im crying to now T ^ T

  • Jose Echeverry

    Jose Echeverry

     3 days ago +10

    May I just point out that Chandlers eye borrows are amazing