6 Beyonce Fans vs 1 Secret Hater

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  • Published on:  Sunday, June 9, 2019
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/QP_V2zJgMA8


  • Jubilee


     1 months ago +2084

    Hey good humans! Hope you enjoyed this first episode of Odd Man Out - more coming soon! IMPORTANT REQUEST: please be respectful of the individuals in our videos regardless of whether you are upset with what they said or did. Please do not go personal or invade their privacy - we do not stand by that at all. We appreciate your passion; let’s all try to remember to be compassionate of others :)

  • Katherine De la torre

    Katherine De la torre

     2 months ago +9568

    He right about Beyoncé fans being aggressive and rude

  • TeWm Platinum

    TeWm Platinum

     7 days ago +996

    They just voted the people who didn’t seem gay or feminine enough

  • Lunaix


     7 days ago +1824

    Tamara: I’m a Beyoncé fan!
    Erin: That’s not vegan!
    Edit- The comments on this comment: That’s not original!

  • Johanna Ntolla

    Johanna Ntolla

     14 days ago +3405

    Sebastian:”I didn’t know I had that in me, gurrl....I mean i knew I was shady but not that I was a good liar”😂😂😂😂

  • simo kaiba

    simo kaiba

     14 days ago +2049

    6 k-pop fans vs 1 k-pop hater ...
    I would like to watch that

  • KP Escudero

    KP Escudero

     2 months ago +25144

    For next episode:
    6 Straight vs 1 Secret Gay
    Please? It'll be fun

  • Sandstorm


     7 days ago +399

    bruh imagine if Tamara and Erin had been on the same episode 🤦‍♀️

  • Gabi Devis

    Gabi Devis

     7 days ago +508

    Tamara is the kind of Fan Sebastian was talking about.

  • Joaquín Benavente Muro

    Joaquín Benavente Muro

     14 days ago +840

    sebastian has a great argument there, but i think that you don't hate beyonce i think you only hate her fans

  • JNerdGaming


     7 days ago +418

    I knew it was the super gay guy from the very beginning, 100% he dressed just like that because he knew he wouldn't be suspected. This guy is a genius.

  • Alex Ferguson

    Alex Ferguson

     1 months ago +11352

    That Rahul guy is right though. You don't need to know every last detail of someone in order to be fan. Liking their music should be enough.

  • collins pocket

    collins pocket

     2 days ago +30

    Brandon: I can see your Halo🎶
    Erin: That's not vegan

  • Erika And Aliyah' World

    Erika And Aliyah' World

     14 days ago +351

    I knew sebastian wasn't a beyonce' fan because he said their was a song made by destiny's child called dangerously in love, when only beyonce made
    that song.

  • catera carter

    catera carter

     7 days ago +60

    “i knew i was shady, but i didn’t know i was a liar”
    yes her fans are sooooo aggressive for no reason i 100% agree with him
    her beehive need to calm down and re-evaluate their passions

  • Matias Ferreyra

    Matias Ferreyra

     7 days ago +173

    I feel like jubilee always places that ONE SUPER ANNOYING person in the group of these videos on purpose, Erin with the vegans, Tamara with the beyonce suckers.

  • ZeRo CrUsT

    ZeRo CrUsT

     1 months ago +5518

    Tamara:im a beyonce fan
    Erin:thats not vegan

  • rachel johnson

    rachel johnson

     14 days ago +215

    i knew it as soon as he said dangerously in love was by destiny’s child 😂🤦🏽‍♂️.

  • Kayla Poinsette

    Kayla Poinsette

     3 days ago +3

    Why does these episodes have that one annoying person I can’t stand 😭.

  • Sal D

    Sal D

     14 days ago +178

    I knew it was him cause he kept talking out destiny's child lmaaoo