Kehlani - Nights Like This (feat. Ty Dolla $ign) [Official Music Video]



  • Salomé Champin

    Salomé Champin

     10 minutes ago

    this song is soo relatable

  • andy williams

    andy williams

     an hour ago

    loved it kehlani good job

  • Slobbii


     an hour ago

    Let’s get this to 30 milly

  • Monique Quigley

    Monique Quigley

     2 hours ago

    This should have way more views this song is so good

  • Enyatta Landreaux

    Enyatta Landreaux

     2 hours ago

    Just seeing this like yaasss! I keep this song on repeat sense it came out lol 💞 #ImAddicted

  • yola krikri

    yola krikri

     3 hours ago


  • Prezident Jeff

    Prezident Jeff

     4 hours ago

    This song brought tears to my eyes

  • CharmingTuber Gamers

    CharmingTuber Gamers

     5 hours ago

    Masterpeace!! ⏸😇

  • bitter pinecones

    bitter pinecones

     6 hours ago

    Kehlani is so fineeee

  • Juli jasmine

    Juli jasmine

     8 hours ago

    Is it kehlani voice ? diffrent. but god sound really aaaawh im speechless

  • Suzana Reis

    Suzana Reis

     9 hours ago

    amo os dois

  • axa3547


     9 hours ago

    Watching it after being dump

  • Lisa Bartolo

    Lisa Bartolo

     10 hours ago

    Feeling this song soo much!!! ❤️

  • Ledeov 79

    Ledeov 79

     11 hours ago

    I get the song but the video made no sense at all but ya at lease they no that fire burns like hell ya hell fire is not a party fire or fire you want to ever experience in your life so follow Jesus christ not satan and his heart break music devil breaks heart an I put hearts back together again by the help of the father God in heaven musizc vision of dream coming to a crib near you soon so wait for it for it's to die for for I know y'all pain but y'all never felt mines read the holy scriptures to understand my pain and the battle that at war in my mently insane in the brain where do you think hip hop got that word from me I was born crazy mently in the head and insane in the brain like 3deep I started that name but never came out or made hits cuz am not like y'all world who wants fame power money respect or anything that is curse yes this curse with demons that you see in horror movies but dont see it with spiritual eyes but soon everyone's nightmares will come alive and do to you worse then the movies I know cuz I have to face them too and take the suffering pain that's coming to the whole world. Yes evil is already here how I know well welcome to hell on earth for my life came with the curse but soon all the evil be no more and we believers well see no death no more or well there be no more suffering pain torments or any hell on earth so get on the right side before those monsters in a costume get y'all and you know how it is to be in a horror movies AmEn come to christ before it's to late for you repentance.

  • The Exquisite Queen

    The Exquisite Queen

     12 hours ago


  • G


     15 hours ago


  • Thtkiddtayy Was here

    Thtkiddtayy Was here

     16 hours ago

    Tay do your homework...instead of finishing my essay due tomorrow im going through her music smh

  • Michelle Duncan

    Michelle Duncan

     17 hours ago

    Best sing ever good

  • Kaye Musume

    Kaye Musume

     17 hours ago

    Looks like an episode of Black Mirror lol. Another banger

  • Abirame GR

    Abirame GR

     17 hours ago

    Sooo goooooooddd