Lions' MNF loss to Packers was due to Stafford's shortcomings — not officiating | NFL | THE HERD

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, October 15, 2019
  • Colin Cowherd opens up today's show to recap last night's Monday Night Football game between the Detroit Lions and Green Bay Packers. Hear why he doesn't blame the officials for the Lions' loss.

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    Lions' MNF loss to Packers was due to Stafford's shortcomings — not officiating | NFL | THE HERD

    The Herd with Colin Cowherd
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  • The Herd with Colin Cowherd

    The Herd with Colin Cowherd

     1 months ago +33

    Who is responsible for the Lions’ loss against the Packers?

  • Dave Nguyen

    Dave Nguyen

     21 days ago +1

    Stafford was 3 for 13 on 3rd down. Thats why they lost.

  • Camping in the forest

    Camping in the forest

     21 days ago

    This guy is a terrible personality.

  • George


     21 days ago +2

    I normally disagree with everything Cowherd says, but as 50 year Lion fan, there is absolutely zero doubt he is correct on this one. We all want to love Matty Stafford cuz he's such as "Aw shucks" nice guy, has the cannon arm, is WAY better than other Lion QBs of the past 35 years, the wife issue, etc. etc. etc. BUT, there is a reason we have never won a division, a playoff game, or ANY meaningful game since we drafted him. He doesn't have IT. The IT that Brady and Rodgers have. The IT that tells you when you gotta have a TD and when a FG is ok. The IT to wring the neck off a down opponent, the IT to convert a 3rd down late in the 4th quarter, the IT to be a WINNER. Rodgers, Brady, Brees, Mahomes, Wilson, - these are the guys we'll continue to see in the post season, not good ole' Matty. Hard to take. Hard to take.

  • Adam Wayne

    Adam Wayne

     21 days ago

    you are owned by the nfl, nba, nh,l mlb and every other 3 letter string of yourself. You do NOT report the news or anything objective. Easy to see news and rating tactics with you, get better at your job so we can remain your fan . you recently became too obvious. you only lost the intelligent fans, you will always keep your lost fools of sports news. Guess again...Colin maybe your next report will be closer

  • Liberty At Large

    Liberty At Large

     21 days ago

    I disagree, if the first hands to the face call wasnt made, greed bay would have been punting the ball to detroit with under 5 to go in a 2 possession game. That definitely makes a huge difference

  • Ken Sturm

    Ken Sturm

     21 days ago

    2-3-1. Lions suck again lol

  • Mason Z

    Mason Z

     21 days ago

    Yeah the lions could have made mor plays,but that doesn't change the fact that the refs cost them the game.

  • OFF The BackBoard

    OFF The BackBoard

     21 days ago +1

    No Stanford was running out the clock the refs made multiple bad calls that gave the packers points. And there’s also is a bad o line.

  • Brandon Hall

    Brandon Hall

     21 days ago

    why is he paid, who pays this guy, why do they pay him?

  • Jamero Hatter

    Jamero Hatter

     21 days ago

    Fair point Colin, but when the QB or offense doesn’t get it done you ask the defense to step and they did. Stafford may look the part but when the League wants to make sure Aaron Rogers wins what can you do? Stafford and his team had the lead the whole game until the end. Some points beats no points and Stafford can’t throw and catch the ball too. There were some crucial drops that should have been caught.....that said the refs stole the game from Detroit point blank.

  • Abdul Hadarah

    Abdul Hadarah

     21 days ago

    He’s always been known to be a Stafford/Lions hater. I agree but let’s be realistic, the zebras robbed Detroit from that win.

  • Brad Pirochta

    Brad Pirochta

     21 days ago +1

    Speaking on behalf of Browns, Lions, Jets, Buffalo, etc... fans. Telling someone who's team ALWAYS gets the short end of the stick that their team should have done more when a ref screws them over sounds condescending. Do you think its a coincidence that in 5 YEARS in NE, Flowers never got called for hand-to-face, then within the first 5 GAMES in Detroit he gets called TWICE?

  • Calvin Williams

    Calvin Williams

     21 days ago

    Here's the thing the officials didn't make calls when Staff and company were on offense like pass interference so it works both ways. Refs take away good defense and on offense refs allow stuff that should be called to pass thus hurting the offensive game then try to blame Staff for it smh

  • Lebowski Savage

    Lebowski Savage

     28 days ago

    I'm convinced these media puppets tow the same line as head coaches because they get memos saying not to criticize the officiating because it's bad for the overall product and marketing of the league. Whoever says the refs didn't affect that finish is a delusional puppet of the league narrative.

    Speak up. Some of these games are obviously pre determined and the refs make calls to sway the games.

  • Chris DePoy

    Chris DePoy

     28 days ago

    Except for one thing in regards to Stafford:

    He has given the Lions the lead in all 5 games with 1 minute left - and the defense could not get a stop EVEN THOUGH the opposition had to go at least 70 yards...

  • Shane Towne

    Shane Towne

     28 days ago

    Botched calls shouldn't decide a game, but in both cases it did. The lions are victimized every year and we just get ref apology's. Lions fans are getting sick of the team messing up at the most crucial times

  • Tavoris Dixon

    Tavoris Dixon

     28 days ago

    Y'all know he's talking bs. They robbed theses dudes. It's fixed.

  • Chromium Dragon

    Chromium Dragon

     28 days ago


  • Matt Akridge

    Matt Akridge

     28 days ago

    3K dislikes to 1.8K likes should answer your question about the refs