Whatever you think he did, he's innocent | Wayne



  • Multiple Man

    Multiple Man

     5 minutes ago

    Looks like hunter avvoline

  • Arch Murphy

    Arch Murphy

     27 minutes ago

    they. don't. really. cearabout. us

  • Jowahotz90


     an hour ago

    Is that drake bell?!?!

  • Kimo the Cat

    Kimo the Cat

     4 hours ago

    "Gay"ne McCullough

  • Daniam68


     7 hours ago

    Dude I swear am I the only that thinks the cop at the beginning sounds like Steve Rogers from captain American

  • Hardman Lee

    Hardman Lee

     16 hours ago

    I once him hammer a no 2 pencil into mans hand

  • VioZillaVictor


     21 hours ago

    content creators:aren't even allowed to point a toy gun at a camera
    YouTube Originals:stabs kid with carrot

  • Ty Barney

    Ty Barney

     23 hours ago

    Anybody notice what was in the background

  • mmmhhmm



    When I first saw the description wayne I thought that this is gonna be another batman spinoff......I was kind of not wrong I guess maybe

  • Ø G

    Ø G


    Always see this on ‘Featured’

  • snoopy 69

    snoopy 69


    Yoooo the musician kid from singstreet..I knew he's gonna make it big!!!

  • cephalon owl

    cephalon owl


    Wayne more like gayne

  • Elizabeth


     yesterday +1

    Alright YouTube I finally watched it now get it out of my recommendations

  • Songs /Covers

    Songs /Covers

     yesterday +1


  • StaticzLive



    I wanna watch this but don’t have YouTube premium

  • Dani Norris

    Dani Norris


    Mark 💓💗💓💗

  • Fxrrell Gxming

    Fxrrell Gxming

     2 days ago

    Why did this guy remind me of Batman oohhhh 😂😂😂😀😀

  • Unknow User

    Unknow User

     2 days ago

    Go to :24 like if you see it