ATEEZ(에이티즈) - 'WAVE' Official MV

  • Published on:  Monday, June 10, 2019
  • Release Date: 2019. 06. 10▶ ATEEZ Official Homepage:▶ ATEEZ Official V LIVE:▶ ATEEZ Official Facebook:▶ ATEEZ Official Twitter:▶ ATEEZ Official Instagram:▶ ATEEZ Official Fancafe:▶ KQ Official Homepage:▶ KQ Official V LIVE:▶ KQ Official Facebook:▶ KQ Official Twitter:▶ KQ Official Instagram: #에이티즈 #WAVE
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  • •MultiFandomShit•

     14 days ago

    How many people like ATEEZ? | | |\/

  • AtypicalWeirdo

     44 minutes ago

    •MultiFandomShit• Dude, YT will break if everyone who stans ATEEZ clicks that like button.

  • Rodrigo_ EXTREME

     51 minutes ago

    How can not like ateez?

  • Tae Lover

     4 days ago

    Good job ateez. Keep striving and just kill those haters!

  • Ruqaiya XX

     51 minutes ago

    @Liza Jansone Yh ppl were saying how they had 0 in one category and how it was a joke they won. Then they threw in "we haven't even heard of them"... i dunno why everyone is so pressed... they got far higher in other categories and worked hard for it too

  • Liza Jansone

     2 days ago

    ​@Sasha Queen I guess that was a standart rant about how boygroup is unknown to general public but have won, as if that public ever watches and votes in those shows.

  • Ateez is Everywhere

     4 days ago

    190620 Legends has finally achieved their first win, now who's gonna get them 2nd win? let's go atiny we can do this!

  • Myra Khalil

     12 hours ago

    A tiny out of focus in star pass again . First vote everyday in order to secure your position and then do the mass voting to the last day. NOW you lost the position.The others are more interested to vote for kcon.

  • Britt_loves_Kpop

     2 days ago

    Congratulations on your first win guys! You deserve it and so much more.

  • yoongi is my cat

     3 days ago

    No one:Absolutely no one:Not a single Pringle:Ateez: HAKUNA MATATA YAH

  • Bangtan KilledMe

     14 days ago

    It was flawless and all but they forgot 5 things...*1.they**2.forgot**3.they**4.were**5.rookies*

  • ana stof


    I decided to give Ateez a go after knetz ridiculously reacted when they had their first win...i am glad I did...I should thanks those hateful knetz for letting me know yet another talented group💓

  • chuuves nation

     3 days ago

    The vi*ws are frozenAtinys let’s keep str*am*ng!

  • Who Cares

     2 days ago

    vi3ws freeze because refresh page, use playlist, or use multiple devices on same wifi network so yt thinks they're a bot and deletes and freezes vi3ws

  • Tunjung P

     2 days ago

    This appears on my timeline, i was really curious with this group but ive never had time to stalk 😂 actually ateez's songs is good!! Nctzen here sending love to you guys!!❣

  • Aisyah Amirhah

     53 minutes ago

    You should listen all tracks on this album. I promise you will not regret it!

  • Nitz Jimenez

     13 hours ago

    Thank you😘

  • maha nisar


    Who’s here supporting before they hit even more big ✋🏻