Bethesda Showcase at E3 2019 in 15 Minutes

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  • Published on:  Sunday, June 9, 2019
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  • Lord Katakuri

    Lord Katakuri

     2 months ago +2932

    Bethosda: I will kill your families
    That crowd: Yaayy oooh

  • Alexander Arana

    Alexander Arana

     2 months ago +603

    Crowd was acting like spongebob was up there mopping .

  • FloridaBlaze


     2 months ago +210

    Todd Howard: "I hate all of you!"

  • V


     2 months ago +265

    Bethesda: We've just reintroduced the Ebola virus into unsuspecting African villages!

  • Magnificent Birb

    Magnificent Birb

     2 months ago +195

    The one specific hype guy is picking up that huge paycheck at the end.

  • Mage Gaming™

    Mage Gaming™

     2 months ago +281

    crowd is suspicious AF... literally nothing they announced warrants the reactions they were getting.

  • Jon Boyo

    Jon Boyo

     2 months ago +168

    Bathesda: Talks about DLC

  • A Rusty Ring

    A Rusty Ring

     2 months ago +104

    Bethesda: you will all die in your sleep tonight
    Crowd: YEAHHHH WOOO!

  • Touya Todoroki

    Touya Todoroki

     2 months ago +147

    Depressed announcer: "I think I'm going to kill myself"
    Crowd: woooooooooooo! Yeaaaaaaaah!

  • abc 123

    abc 123

     2 months ago +2954

    Never heard a crowd so excited over mobile games

  • Ryan Mahon

    Ryan Mahon

     2 months ago +178

    Weird, I wasn't able to see the flashing yellow APPLAUSE sign

  • Lorn Bastion

    Lorn Bastion

     2 months ago +43

    Man, this paid crowd is hilarious. holy shit, most of this looks mediocre at best.
    so many trash mobile games.
    Bathesda Farts into Microphone
    Paid Crowd: WHHHHHOOOWAAAHHHHHH!!!!👏👏👏

  • Mr. Hexalia

    Mr. Hexalia

     2 months ago +24

    Wow Fallout 76 is coming along nicely. When they're finished making it I'll consider getting it.

  • Talha Kibar

    Talha Kibar

     2 months ago +22

    No elder scrolls 6 :(
    This E3 was disappointing

  • Pan John

    Pan John

     2 months ago +3067

    Looks like they hired some paid wower in the audience.

  • Jslayallday92 S

    Jslayallday92 S

     2 months ago +27

    By far the weakest line up of 2019, fake cheering in the audience makes you look worse.

  • Stech55


     2 months ago +10

    That crowd was like a North Korean crowd cheering everything their dictator says because they fear death if they don’t

  • Charlie Friggn Brown

    Charlie Friggn Brown

     2 months ago +51

    Let's be honest, that was a crowd paid to cheer.
    If it had been a normal one that got to experience all that BS from Bethosda this last year it would have been a constant booing for that whole duration lol

  • Dundee


     2 months ago +91

    3:47 Audiance sees a shoe.

  • deVaras


     2 months ago +1494

    Blizzard is kicking themselves for not thinking to have a paid crowd for Diablo Immortal.