The Game That LeBron James DISRESPECTED Gilbert Arenas, INSANE Game 6 Duel Highlights 2006 Playoffs



  • wweecwwcwaewtnanba1928


     11 months ago +416

    Kids today never knew arenas was a superstar of a scorer.

  • DJBVA08


     11 months ago +711

    What LeBron did to the Raptors, he used to do to these Wizards teams

  • Gee Money

    Gee Money

     11 months ago +388

    No way that Cleveland team was better than that Washington team. Pure greatness of LeBron.

  • TheDAWinz


     11 months ago +638

    "you miss these freethrows and you're going home"

  • Myles Oliver

    Myles Oliver

     11 months ago +443

    bron used to be so damn fast

  • Malcolm Chichester

    Malcolm Chichester

     11 months ago +385

    Skip Bayless would say that damon jones saved lebron's career

  • Munards


     11 months ago +126

    Gilbert would have thrived in todays nba. Hibachi!

  • EFC Tv

    EFC Tv

     11 months ago +409

    Gilbert Arenas and Baron Davis are 2 of the most underrated pgs ever. Both were beasttsss

  • ZoBi Kuzdle

    ZoBi Kuzdle

     11 months ago +105

    Back when they thought every chase down block was a foul lol lebron got it clean!! Now we're just used to it

  • jonathan grimsley

    jonathan grimsley

     11 months ago +99

    Who here because of nick young?😭😭

  • G. Coleman

    G. Coleman

     9 months ago +9

    Wow. The guy is a work of art in motion. Had to be easily 260-270 back then moves like a jaguar smooth crossing people over finishing strong at the tin one of the best performances of his young career. LBJ

  • Introverted_Gentleman


     11 months ago +345

    This is when the NBA was fun to watch. Now it's kid friendly now

  • joe rich

    joe rich

     11 months ago +267

    Arenas hoops with a gun at his waist

  • 2nd Kaizoku-ō

    2nd Kaizoku-ō

     11 months ago +102

    No foul on that block

  • LeezoBall


     4 months ago +48

    This the game with the chest pat nick young always talking about... “LeBron tapped you and you never been the same”

  • Nino-Da Blogger

    Nino-Da Blogger

     11 months ago +72

    This was Some good days and games
    Basketball really not the same

  • Stephen Chen

    Stephen Chen

     3 months ago +12

    “if you miss these free throws, you are going home” what a competitive spirit.
    Nowadays bron is more like “if you miss the free ride to the finals, you are going home”

  • ADAJ3


     11 months ago +58

    Lebron used to kill the Wizards like he kills the Raptors now.

  • ccsballazdre


     11 months ago +34

    John Wall is a poor man's Gilbert Arenas.

  • yaboydjv


     9 months ago +21

    AGENT 0! Pulling curry before curryb