dodie - Monster

  • Published on:  Monday, January 21, 2019
  • Monster, taken from the new EP Human, out now! http://dodie.coDirected byPJ Liguori - by Sammy Paul - Newton - of Photography Ciaran O’Brien - Direction Louis Grant - Newton Starring Daniel J. Layton - Richardson - Rawbone - Johnson - Gilbert - Suppa - & Key Make-UpSilvija Vil - by PJ Liguori Visual Effects David Post -
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  • Kate Benefiel

     4 months ago

    why did i think the main character was dodie in makeup to make her look like a guy

  • Phanders! Sides

     6 days ago

    Y'all clearly haven't discovered the magic of Daniel J. Layton

  • TTV Ghanges

     8 days ago

    Wait, it isn’t?

  • Lika

     4 months ago

    you don’t even know how much i love pj for this

  • Ava Weaver

     4 months ago

    lika why are you everywhere omg

  • Melody Cutie Cupcakes

     4 months ago

    I feel you.

  • kieratea

     4 months ago


  • Tauney Elysia

     14 days ago

    I don't know how you couldn't be by now.. 💖💜💙

  • M E

     16 days ago


  • Rose McEwan

     4 months ago

    This song was on my local radio this morning and I felt so happy.

  • ¡Arabella L!

     4 months ago

    i love how her videos are made by her friends and her friends star in them

  • Joey Meh

     4 months ago

    i know! it's so sweet

  • Logan B

     4 months ago

    I guess it really pays off when all your friends are aspiring directors :D

  • May Son

     4 months ago

    I thought that pink haired guy was Dodie for the whole vid....

  • Lola Roberts

     12 days ago

    Malachite Mangusu it’s Daniel J Layton x

  • Daniel Tyler

     3 months ago

    May Son is it not?

  • Moo Milkie

     4 months ago

    I just realised that the robotic noises in the background near the beginning are spelling out monster wtf

  • Phanttom Foxx

     28 days ago

    It sounds like a villager from Minecraft

  • Lucas D

     1 months ago

    Moo Milkie it sounds exactly like it comes from an old vtech computer for kids I used to play with

  • Walnut

     4 months ago

    *WHAT IF IM THE.... wait*

  • An Yo

     4 months ago

    Since PJ said on his channel that he listened to audio clues to match in the video, I've noticed the octopus open its mouth at 2:13 when Dodie sings 'oh' 😂 so clever!

  • Scout Park

     16 days ago

    An Yo Every time tho octopus lady is on screen you can see her mouth moving in sync with what's currently being sung. It's not just the OHHH.

  • Pluto-ed

     1 months ago

    Alex is a Catch NOT lol np

  • star gazin'

     4 months ago

    y'all i was highkey sure ness was played by dodie the entire video even when i saw the "other dodie",,,,