Meanwhile... Canada Moose Vs. Norway Moose

  • Published on:  Wednesday, January 23, 2019
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  • New Message

     (Jan 23, 2019)

    As a Canadian, I'm just glad he didn't talk about the fact that we are required to make a pilgrimage to the Moose at least once in our lives, and dance naked before it, slathered in maple syrup under a gibbous moon.

  • smashypeople

     (Feb 22, 2019)


  • SweetClutch

     (Feb 6, 2019)

    Our moose is better

  • Scrambled 59

     (Jan 23, 2019)

    The Norwegians are getting their revenge for being forgotten as the first Europeans to find Canada

  • Kendra Werner

     (Jan 23, 2019)

    I’m a Norwegian from Saskatchewan...conflicted

  • AnnaBilstad

     (Apr 18, 2019)

    Kendra Werner I think you mean you have norwegian heritage? Not necessarily that you’re a norwegian, given being norwegian is a nationality, culture and a people. I don’t know if you have double citizenship, or maybe meant something else than what I understood. And I’m totally not coming here to knock down what you’re saying, but from my experience every time I meet a «norwegian» person in the U.S or Canada (for example) they’re usually 3rd or 4th(+++) generation immigrant. Like they know nothing of th...

  • Wardeni

     (Mar 29, 2019)

    +Kendra Werner Nah, just joking. :D It always amuses me a bit when people in America say things like "I'm German" even though they actually have only like 10% actual German ancestry. I just like to prod people about it xDAlso, is it compulsory for the wife to change her surname in marriage over there? Because in my country it's a choice. Most women do, but often you also see people adding their spouse's surname after theirs, sometimes they don't change their surnames at all and sometimes ...

  • F B I

     (Jan 23, 2019)

    Haha moose oh yeah yeah

  • el chavo

     (Jan 28, 2019)

    Get to the choopah

  • Jake Rises

     (Jan 23, 2019)

    Like - Canada MooseComment - Norway Moose

  • Apollo1641

     (2 days ago)

    Nørwey moose

  • Sigurd Syr

     (Apr 9, 2019)


  • Heather Bleu

     (Jan 23, 2019)

    That T1000 version is pretty tight tho.

  • Heather Bleu

     (Jan 25, 2019)

    Omygoodness.. I just adore the nerds on this thread (truly) I was raised on JRR Tolkien ~ what started as bedtime stories, gradually became a peaceful outlet for me to visit & fantasize within. Tell anyone & I'll punch u;)

  • Kevin Lacoursiere

     (Jan 24, 2019)

    Not quite as tight as the one in Saskatchewan... just ask Tom Green 8D

  • PJay

     (Jan 23, 2019)

    Where are the oh yeah yeah comments? We must conquer!!

  • Drowned Will

     (Jan 29, 2019)

    +Xz0779 Dont. "He is wrong. Trump is wrong. Therefore, he must be a Trump supporter..." Is the kind of logic thats about to lead you guys to civil war. I made a video about it if yer so inclined. I wont link it. Thats rude. Just swing by my channel. Its my newest.

  • Xz0779

     (Jan 26, 2019)

    You had to be some Trump supporter to spam these section, somebody hurt your ego . Btw you lost

  • Nayfin

     (Jan 23, 2019)

    Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah I know that feeling of being a good boy JOIN THE LITTY COMMITTEE

  • Xz0779

     (Jan 26, 2019)

    +Eric Burkheimer They're bots accounts of a Trump supporter but also "bot twats" fits in his description

  • Xz0779

     (Jan 26, 2019)

    +Edward V "They" just must be two suckers with fake bots accounts , their number it's really not that big . Looked a lot like a russian troll but it's not , just a Trump supporter with a hurt ego

  • Shawn Melnick

     (Jan 26, 2019)

    What's with the oh yeah guy

  • CatLady MB

     (Jan 27, 2019)

    It is annoying! And so many different names but same photo.

  • ekstrajohn

     (Jan 27, 2019)

    it's a new company offering youtube bots, proving to their new client how they have the ability to spam a selected youtube video, and get lots of their own likes on their comments.

  • TheIdleKing

     (Jan 23, 2019)

    Oh yeah yeah I need backup

  • TheIdleKing

     (Jan 26, 2019)

    +Drowned Will wat

  • Drowned Will

     (Jan 26, 2019)

    TheIdolKing. Yes. You forgot hung... Mr. Hung Idol King with Tons of Friends. 10.