FIFA 20 | Official Reveal Trailer ft. VOLTA Football

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  • Published on:  Saturday, June 8, 2019
  • Break New Ground with VOLTA Football in FIFA 20, releasing September 27, 2019. Build your player, pick your gear, and express your style in football playgrounds all over the world.

    Pre-order the FIFA 20 Ultimate Edition and play VOLTA three days early :

    VOLTA Football takes the game back to the streets with the authentic culture, creativity and style of the small-sided game played on streets, courts and futsal pitches around the globe.

    Learn more about FIFA 20:

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    Break New Ground with VOLTA Football in FIFA 20

  • champions league

    champions league

     2 days ago


  • Moad Akima

    Moad Akima

     3 days ago

    Is that akon ? 🤔

  • Jéferson K

    Jéferson K

     5 days ago

    Arrumar o Fake shot pra quem usa as setas nada né? Tá difícil

  • ErenKlasse


     6 days ago

    This gamemode already dead people online arent that good only passes so ez to het division 1 (ofcourse higher division people where much better but still) finished mission and rest of the world tour comon add some legends to unlock like ronaldhino with an extreme hard mission

  • soflo23


     7 days ago

    This trailer is like a millennial nightmare.

  • Ike Gex

    Ike Gex

     7 days ago

    When i am fighting in dragon ball xenoverse 0:54

  • Ayanda Masondo

    Ayanda Masondo

     7 days ago

    FIFA has improved

  • KING NINGA1344

    KING NINGA1344

     7 days ago

    the song is sick

  • Danilo Cabral

    Danilo Cabral

     7 days ago

    Ea I can’t not hear the dialogues, can you help me ?

  • raw lity

    raw lity

     7 days ago

    Your End is near satan

  • Alvvaleed7


     7 days ago

    Fifa 19 top trailer

  • Craig Edwards

    Craig Edwards

     7 days ago

    Can you watch the video i uploaded and explain please

  • Robert Völker

    Robert Völker

     7 days ago

    Music name?

  • Norbert Csólig

    Norbert Csólig

     7 days ago

    Hi! Three of his years I play with the game. The ultimate is my favourite. I spent much money in this month fifa onto dots. Nothing came. Let my drawer be looked at., noressz xbox one. The big youtube users more million fifa a dot is received. They would not be able to give presents to me onto openings fifa dot? Videot it would be prepared from the openings what I would charge onto the net. I wait for their answer excitedly

  • iSaulx


     7 days ago


  • Oliver Schulz

    Oliver Schulz

     7 days ago

    Gelbe Karte für Unsportlichkeit.. Wer kniet sich denn bitte hin um auf kleine Tore einzuköpfen ?!

    Gelb is es dennoch, einfach keine Spielweise. ✌



     7 days ago

    we interrupt this fifa 20 reveal to bring you thor the dark world

  • Pamela Carulli

    Pamela Carulli

     7 days ago

    Was ist mit den Servern!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chris Galeano

    Chris Galeano

     7 days ago

    Literally the worse fifa they made