Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Official Gameplay Demo – EA PLAY 2019



  • EA Star Wars

    EA Star Wars

     2 months ago +7393

    Become a Jedi on November 15, 2019.

  • Horizon Play

    Horizon Play

     2 months ago +1310

    What do want?
    When do we want it?
    AT LAUNCH!!!

  • Ryan Garner

    Ryan Garner

     21 days ago +265

    It's funny to me that the game that most realistically portrays lightsaber damage is LEGO Star Wars

  • Dominik Figlhuber

    Dominik Figlhuber

     1 months ago +255

    "At least we have the high ground."
    - Scout Trooper, 2019

  • Vlad Baghdasaryan

    Vlad Baghdasaryan

     6 days ago +38

    Star wars needs an open world like Assassins Creed Origin/Odyssey
    This game looks like a button smashing game. There is so many lightsaber combat forms in star wars, that they have no excuse not to have a decent skill tree/abilities
    The game looks very one dimensional and the time period is not interesting, they should really stop with episode 4 onward games and go back to clone wars or old republic stories, no one cares about imprisoned wookies, han solos, galen mareks at this point. All their games is centered after RotS and it's just boring now...go to the Old Republic and have a Origin like open world game with different playable characters, decision making etc...and take examples from SWTOR and KOTOR

  • Shrike Donkowsky

    Shrike Donkowsky

     1 months ago +190

    Me during this whole vid: That guy should be cut in half!

  • Jack The Ripper

    Jack The Ripper

     2 months ago +1270

    Surprised I don’t have to pay to watch the demo

  • DamBot5000


     3 days ago +11

    ME: This actually looks kind of cool. Maybe I'll pick it up
    EA: Be afraid, be very afraid



     1 months ago +331

    A Star Wars themed assasins creed style open world game with character customization and dismemberment would make EA great again.

  • Noobmaster 69

    Noobmaster 69

     14 days ago +85

    Does anyone miss the destructive prowess of the force, just like in the force unleashed

  • Divij S

    Divij S

     1 months ago +130

    10:20 Stormtroopers mention the most powerful weapon in the Star Wars galaxy... The high ground.

  • Josh Justison

    Josh Justison

     2 months ago +2800

    I really want to like this but my EA senses are tingling

  • juhos3000


     2 days ago +4

    EA: Nobody plays single player games anymore...
    Also EA: Here is our new single player game

  • David Kennedy

    David Kennedy

     3 days ago +3

    I would like it more if they would actually cut in half with lightsaber.

  • Leo J

    Leo J

     2 days ago +5

    Need a Darth Vader game, filled with destruction, rage & pure dark side hate fuelled carnage.

  • Reeneks_


     14 days ago +24

    Can you take out double jump and add force jump instead

  • Man of Destiny

    Man of Destiny

     2 months ago +3129

    How to make lightsaber combat more satisfying?
    Add Dismemberment

  • The Guillotine

    The Guillotine

     1 months ago +203

    WARNING! Product may contain slot machines and gambling mechanics at launch.

  • Bogdan Crimson

    Bogdan Crimson

     14 days ago +39

    Imagine these graphics added to a Knights of the Old Republic type of game. This one is just another assassins creed style linear boring game. KOTOR will always remain the best Star Wars game

  • Rcity2332


     an hour ago

    Secretly Everyone will play, and enjoy this game.
    I need a Star Wars game wear at one point your character can choose to be good, or join the dark side.