A Tour Of My Plants

  • Published on:  Wednesday, March 13, 2019
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/2llLx_WkF3Q


  • Nicholas Miller

     3 months ago

    Some YouTubers show off their cars and jewelry. Jenna reluctantly shows off her plant collection.

  • xmissxandristx

     3 months ago

    @alleyway no, not in moderation. but when small children see that as the cool thing to do all the time, it's not a good idea.

  • nath

     3 months ago


  • Meep Morp

     2 months ago

    Jenna: I'm a beginnerAlso Jenna: Names every single plant in their house and tells how to take care of them

  • Emily Thomas

     2 days ago

    Also rambles about edema and watering specifics

  • Camille Rasch

     4 days ago

    Jenna has a Leslie Knope level of enthusiasm and love when it comes to plants.

  • Emily Mohr

     1 months ago

    ooh damn girl you lookin like you’re on your way to a step grandparents barbecue

  • Mia Fine


    How was the step grandparents’ bbq?

  • pep rika

     3 days ago

    @Cotton Skies-コットンスカイ it can actually be either, depending on where in the world you come from :)

  • SuperKingson12

     2 months ago

    This kind of felt like Vogue 73 questions, but with just plants

  • Mari Ppp

     1 months ago

    Yeah just way less awkward :D

  • Sabrinas world

     2 months ago

    Jenna: "I'm a complete beginner" Also jenna: has 147 plants

  • Matt Ostovitz

     3 months ago

    2000's Jenna: hOw wHitE giRlS hAvE sEx 2019 Jenna: This is my beautiful house plant collection and here is some pragmatic information about plant-care.

  • Ztarry Way

     12 hours ago

    @Missy Marianot always

  • Ztarry Way

     12 hours ago

    @Rian Elizabeth not specifically succulents

  • Tahlia Vanderburg

     1 months ago

    As a Horticulture student, Jenna is absolutely doing so amazingly! Shes even naming them by their botanical names! And only killed one plant? Dude that's a talent.. Also that house is so awesome

  • Justin Yi

     4 days ago

    Tahlia Vanderburg omg I want to be a horticulturist SO badly.

  • Justin Spencer

     12 days ago

    Tahlia Vanderburg I have killed to many plants. I feel bad now.

  • Abby Seifer

     2 months ago

    Hi Jenna, I take care of these really nice trees from India and are not very common in America called “Ming Arailia’s” . They are really neat and happy plants that grow based on a size pot you put them in. I have some that are 6 inches tall and others that are about 3 feet and still growing. Let me have the pleasure in sending you a clipping so you can add em to your collection🙂Plz like this so she can see this. I want her to have one😂Edit: my Twitter is @youneedjesustb if you want me to send a pho...

  • Abby Seifer

     8 days ago

    KitCat898 nooooo :(

  • KitCat898

     24 days ago

    Did you get a hold of her?!

  • Mae The skater

     13 days ago

    When people go out of town they worry about getting cheated on.When Julien goes out of town he gets worried about how many plants Jenna is gonna buy 😂😂

  • Trinn urb

     2 days ago

    Mae The skater or what color she made her hair

  • Koromori

     1 months ago

    I love Jenna's passive agressive jabs at the previous plant owners. Too often plant collecting is a rescue mission more than a hobby lol

  • Madeline

     9 days ago

    I get probably 90% of my plants form the Lowe's clearance section. The plants are usually completely fine except for a few brown leaves, but you have to repot them all bc they usually are VERY overwatered. I got a mass cane/corn plant about 3 feet tall for only 5 dollars! I had to put in all new soil though because it was literally sitting in mud. But he's good now. Yesterday I found one of those little succulent decorative things for $3, I separated some of them and repotted them and now I have about ...

  • Nanna Sørensen

     10 days ago

    Justin Spencer, so true! And even real plant stores are often run by completely plant butchers ... I bought a ruby rubber plant that had half of It’s leaves scorched. Literally had one healthy leaf. I couldn’t leave it there to die, so I had to buy it, even though it was kind of overprized. And now I feel like a crazy plant lady.