Middle School Class President

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  • Published on:  Sunday, June 9, 2019
  • Me doing the most in middle school. Stalk Me:●Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/swoozie/●Twitter: http://twitter.com/sWooZ1eMystery video: https://youtu.be/tWEZgEIeSDsOutro song: https://www.haitranthanh.net/clip-ub2hm4FQWPM/video.html
  • Source: https://youtu.be/1YWH0jefP0Q


  • sWooZie


     2 months ago +5853

    Me and Batman have never been seen in the same room ijs

  • Y2Kelly504


     2 months ago +2725

    Adande: *never attempts to ask Jane out*
    Jane: *asks another boi out*
    Adande: :O

  • Maria Silvani

    Maria Silvani

     2 months ago +1496

    “He’s this light skin dude”
    Animates him with the same skin colour as himself

  • yang S

    yang S

     2 months ago +795

    Kindergarteners + First Graders: exists
    Swoozie: its free real estate

  • TJ Toons

    TJ Toons

     2 months ago +450

    Yo,why am I getting notifications of this after like 5 days??

  • Jay Sucks At YouTube

    Jay Sucks At YouTube

     2 months ago +566

    And they said Obama was the first black president.

  • TheDragonLord 42

    TheDragonLord 42

     1 months ago +89

    Here’s the answers on the board
    1. z=15

  • chicken noodle soup

    chicken noodle soup

     2 months ago +221

    "Ya know, I should go fight these kids 🤔."

  • Rusty Nail

    Rusty Nail

     1 months ago +209

    Can we just admire Shawn’s fade

  • X1rtz CS

    X1rtz CS

     1 months ago +38

    Swoozie : is 6+39=56
    Teacher : Yes

  • Amigo Rigo

    Amigo Rigo

     2 months ago +97

    "Middle School Class President"
    Swoozie: I fought kindergartners daily

  • Hey YouTube

    Hey YouTube

     2 months ago +151

    I would start “play fighting”
    tosses a kid in the air

  • Daniel McKeehan

    Daniel McKeehan

     1 months ago +47

    Swoozie: my crush just asked out a guy in front of me.
    Me: swoozie it's ok in like ten years you'll have girls all around you because of YouTube.
    Edit: Thanks for the likes btw thank you even though it's a small amount it means so much.

  • Xhiom Xhoim

    Xhiom Xhoim

     2 months ago +3014

    Lmao first thought “I should go fight these kids” 😂🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Potato Sack

    Potato Sack

     1 months ago +45

    Wait, you were 13 in 6th grade

  • chafos


     2 months ago +39

    Wait I'm so confused. What did fighting the kindergarteners have to do with anything?

  • Stephanie Orchard

    Stephanie Orchard

     2 months ago +168

    5:20 Lol he’s out here with this Old Town Road/KK slider remix that I never knew I needed

  • Brieen


     1 months ago +30

    i think it's because you were balding in the 6th grade

  • Missy Blue

    Missy Blue

     2 months ago +1182

    All my favorite animators just postin this week.
    And I'm here for it.

  • Emaaan


     7 days ago +9

    Who notice on the white board that 2+39=56 good math swoozie