Middle School Class President

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  • Published on:  Sunday, June 9, 2019
  • Me doing the most in middle school.
    Stalk Me:
    ●Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/swoozie/
    ●Twitter: http://twitter.com/sWooZ1e

    Mystery video: https://www.haitranthanh.net/clip-tWEZgEIeSDs/video.html
    Outro song: https://www.haitranthanh.net/clip-ub2hm4FQWPM/video.html
  • Source: https://youtu.be/1YWH0jefP0Q


  • deadpool


     an hour ago

    what happend to uploads

  • Gogeta Blue

    Gogeta Blue

     8 hours ago

    Bro I know how you feel when jane asked shawn to be her boyfriend , my friend Dyshawn tryna steal my crush Jada

  • Harel Sason

    Harel Sason

     15 hours ago

    I am confusion too :)

  • x hxte on me x

    x hxte on me x


    I watch swoozie alot

  • dk77



    Who else saw 2+39=36

  • Yeet God

    Yeet God

     2 days ago

    "I'm Very Confusion"

  • Winter Wolf

    Winter Wolf

     2 days ago

    He wont upload

  • Kai


     2 days ago

    1:10 r=12

  • ldkyler


     3 days ago

    Wait..run an enterprise..be a hero at night...then run for mayor??? Is this the plot of Cws Arrow???

  • Eleri Vlogs

    Eleri Vlogs

     3 days ago

    I’m surprised you haven’t talked about one of your female friends getting pregnant 🤰


  • Brandon Bowman

    Brandon Bowman

     3 days ago

    I have a friend who is 6,2 in the 6th grade

  • Swavyy


     4 days ago

    1:05 2+39=56

  • Burt Jones

    Burt Jones

     5 days ago

    Is swoozie dead

  • Rachid Seraphin

    Rachid Seraphin

     5 days ago

    Chill with that Haiti joke!!!

  • uno does

    uno does

     6 days ago

    My crush is the exact same way she is with this other dude who looks like NLE Choppa and he is like 5'9 (and I am in the 6th grade)

  • A L

    A L

     7 days ago

    ik im not the only one that noticed the math problems on the board...hoe do u get 2+39=56

  • Isabella Lopez

    Isabella Lopez

     7 days ago

    swoozie where ya at? active who?

  • Cito Gonzalez

    Cito Gonzalez

     7 days ago

    What’s going on swoozie no videos lately

  • Nicole's Life XO

    Nicole's Life XO

     7 days ago

    When u gonna start posting more

  • Sven


     7 days ago +1

    Do you know what this is amazing I have to share the secret everyone must know OK so this is what happened
    FBI: open up!
    Me:OK you know what there’s no secret I got a run I can’t tell you anymore