Paul McCartney: Live from NYC

  • Published on:  Saturday, September 8, 2018
  • #EgyptStation calling! Paul McCartney performs an historic set live streamed from New York City celebrating the release of his album, Egypt Station.
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  • closeupman

     9 months ago

    Dude, Lets HEAR How You Sound At 76. Leave the Man Alone

  • Joe Mancini

     6 months ago

    Billy Joel is in his 70s now....

  • trevalone

     9 months ago

    I took my daughter who is in a wheelchair to see him at the O2 academy in Liverpool 8 years ago,only 2000 up close and personal,and we were at the front which was incredible.He waved to her several times and after the concert one of his stage crew gave her his actual set list off the floor and one of his plectrums from his mike stand.To this day I think he was behind it.A true Gentleman and legend.We have cherished the two items ever since.

  • Vinny Rocks

     3 months ago

    And that’s all how artists should be. Paul is such a humble man the only time I’ve seen him be rude was at some paparazzi. And he wasn’t even rude he just told them to plz go away cuz he felt harassed. Anyway, I remember reading in the one on one tour book that he wakes up some mornings and he can’t believe it’s all real. He feels so blessed to have his life, and shows it by how nice he is to his fans

  • Haunted Props

     5 months ago

    We are all blessed to have Paul McCartney in our life's

  • Nomada Loco

     4 days ago

    We Are.


     8 months ago

    When Sir Paul was performing live with the Beatles in 1963 he could not have imagined that in 2018, 55 years later, at the age of 76 that his music would still be loved, that he would still have an audience spanning the generations and that he would still be writing new music that people want to have in their collections. He is currently No 1 on the US charts. How many of the new stars of 2018 will be this popular in the year 2073?

  • Jane Mercado

     5 months ago


  • Rohit Lalwani

     9 months ago

    wow I can't believe Paul has uploaded a whole concert from his official channel and people are complaining!

  • Chris Simon

     14 days ago

    Kind of like winning a million dollar lottery then complaining that you have to pay taxes.

  • TOM S

     15 days ago

    Not me! I thank the good Lord everyday 4 Sir Paul McCartney!

  • Victor England

     9 months ago

    For those complaining about his voice.The man is 76. And he sings (unlike all the pop "singers" out there that use playback and autotune).Plus, the songs where he "slips" were written when he was 18, 20 years old? What did you expect?Watching Paul is not about watching a perfectly tuned man. It's about watching a living legend, who made music what it is today.

  • Boris A

     11 days ago

    Long live Paul McCartney!

  • canadianroot

     14 days ago

    The sign of a man who's comfortable in his own skin. This performance wasn't about ego, and it certainly wasn't about money. It was about the fans who love him and want to see him in the flesh do what he does best: entertain.

  • John Bala

     8 months ago

    I am a Lennon fan but at his (Paul) age and still rockin' & Rollin', I can definitely say that he is a true legend and King of music!

  • Denny Riccelli

     8 months ago

    Over 25 Years ago Paul Broke all world record having written 43 platinum songs and sold over 100 million records. as declared by The Guinness Book of World Records. He still puts on a great show for a mere 76 year old youth, there are very few to compare him to. Still Writing, Recording, and Touring into his 77th years of existence and still rocking the world! "Thank You Paul"

  • AJ

     6 months ago

    why is thank you in quotes?

  • Carlos Fernández

     9 months ago

    Es a los 76 años que al mejor de todos los tiempos no le alcanza la voz y la entonación. Ya tocaba. Gracias, Paul, por existir.

  • Jos van Suchtelen

     7 months ago

    people who are critiziseing Sir Paul, just s h u t u p, and just leave the room, and never come back, do us a favour!