Bring Me The Horizon - mother tongue (Official Lyric Video)



  • Víctor Montoya

     (Jan 24, 2019)

    First time: "what is this?" 50th time: "FALAAAA AAAAMOOOOO"

  • MrFlipperInvader792

     (2 days ago)

    Those notes will win anybody over just imagine the live shows

  • Kris_ Gun_

     (May 12, 2019)

    OMG 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Shinobi no Kami

     (Mar 12, 2019)

    Oliver always had that "suicide" aura, but this album showed that he surpassed it, he won, the fans wont understand it, but this album is really something amazing for bmth.

  • suzanne taylor

     (May 2, 2019)

    You have to realise that people change, I mean how long can you make songs about suicide for? I love it always have and will never change, I feel privileged to be able to feel and relate to their music mo matter what it's about, it's what it means to you 💙💙 Fala Amo!

  • OnceUponAWeeb

     (Apr 24, 2019)

    You won't find a more true comment in this comment section than yours, my friend <3

  • S Lewis

     (Feb 11, 2019)

    it takes talent for a metal band to make deathcore to this in a decade plus metal bands write better pop music than actual pop musicians

  • Raditya Arga Putra

     (2 days ago)

    that's the spirit was the first time i listen to bmth so amo sounds great to me. i like sempiternal but the earlier albums, not so much.

  • Milos Delic

     (3 days ago)

    Cause metal musicians are more musically educated and skilled than most of pop one hit wonder artists :) its not just screaming!

  • AdventureMUSIC

     (Mar 2, 2019)

    *Old Fans:* WFT is this(Old Fans Has Left The Chat).*New Fans:* OMG this is Amazing what is this.*Real Fans:* Ahh, welcome New Fans please do stay, make yourself at home.

  • Didik Dwantoro

     (6 days ago)

    You're right man..

  • Nazkha Dzania

     (May 6, 2019)

    I'm a new fan! I like sempiternal, and that's the spirit so much. And i like this one too

  • Abner L. Sykes

     (Feb 6, 2019)

    "Não diga que me ama, FALA AMOoooooooo"Para brasileiros EMOSSS kkkkkkk

  • Rayza Costa

     (Apr 22, 2019)

    o disgramado ainda fala errado "amo". ficou "emo" horrível

  • isabella hoffmann

     (Apr 8, 2019)


  • Vika

     (Jan 23, 2019)

    Metalcore.exe has stopped working.

  • tesabez

     (May 11, 2019)

    +Sayful Adrian hey I get what you're saying I mean at the end of the day they'll do what they want they're definitely successful with it right now. I will say a7x and Linkin Park still played songs off their old albums when I saw them live mixed in with their new material. BMTH won't even touch anything off their first two albums at this point and that can be very disappointing when you go to see them live.

  • Sayful Adrian

     (May 11, 2019)

    +tesabez i know i know, but my point is a7x changes their genre too. Its safe to say just let them be, like they let us choose what the genre we like and we want to listen to. Come on chillax bro!

  • Daniela

     (Feb 2, 2019)

    a ultima coisa que poderia passar pela minha cabeça é que um dia o oliver fosse namorar uma brasileiraFALA AMO DISGRAÇAAAAA

  • Douglas de Quadros

     (Apr 29, 2019)


  • Mariana Fonseca

     (Apr 21, 2019)

    não é a toa que é minha fav do album inteiro kkkkkkamoooooooo

  • Anthony Marr

     (Feb 10, 2019)

    Theres alot of people here complaining about the new album. Just go listen to the old ones and stay there, problem solved.

  • moo moo

     (5 days ago)


  • Zara Peers

     (Mar 22, 2019)

    Rip to all the cringey edgy emo kids stuck in 2012 ☺️you won’t be missed 😂 grow up fuck sake 😂

  • Im Eunbin

     (Mar 30, 2019)

    Exactly 6 yrs ago shadow moses came out, and the difference between it and mother tongue is big, but BOTH ARE AMAZING I STILL AND WILL ALWAYS LOVE BMTH (real fans are you with mee)

  • J. Jaime

     (May 10, 2019)


  • Im Eunbin

     (May 3, 2019)

    kitty sushi roll you should consider yourself a ‘big fan’ because you support them, not because you’ve been listening to them for longer. And yes, I’ve heard the album 😶

  • Jr Marquez

     (Mar 8, 2019)

    'Cause a kid on the gram, said he used to be a fan.but this shit really fckin good

  • Harry Jones

     (Mar 20, 2019)

    Jr Marquez Tokyo machine