Iceland’s Geyser in 4k Slow Mo

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, January 23, 2019
  • Gav and Dan travel to the volcanic island of Iceland to capture thousands of liters of boiling water exploding in slow motion. They also thought it was a good idea to put the phantom on a drone. Was it a good idea? You’ll find out.

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  • Sino Norem

    Sino Norem

     3 days ago

    Lol im watching geyser vids because of apex legends

  • That melancholy Guy with a smile

    That melancholy Guy with a smile

     7 days ago

    I remember when it was just 2 guys in there backyard with a camera that went about 1000-2000 fps those were the days

  • Cambell Reynolds

    Cambell Reynolds

     7 days ago

    Lush AF

  • Beqa shekiladze

    Beqa shekiladze

     7 days ago

    guys you grew serious about it (y)

  • CaptainDominica


     7 days ago

    2:12 why u are here

  • Flaming Gaming

    Flaming Gaming

     14 days ago

    you mean greenland

  • Georges 💎

    Georges 💎

     a months ago

  • MischiefGlowworm


     a months ago

    That waterfall footage HAS to be "b roll" somewhere.



     a months ago

    Gav looks cold 😄!

  • woodworker Royer

    woodworker Royer

     a months ago

    7:56 yes, someone has been dumb enough to wade out there in waders just to see how it looks as you boil to death 20ft in the air....

  • woodworker Royer

    woodworker Royer

     a months ago +1

    1:16 I had no idea "muppet" was a derogatory term for a bearded Englishman in slow motion....

  • Hank Anderson

    Hank Anderson

     a months ago

    Weird phantom flex but okay

  • Sneezing Snoozer

    Sneezing Snoozer

     a months ago

    2:00 What you came for

  • Arfan Eka Diandra

    Arfan Eka Diandra

     a months ago

    Isnt Iceland full of land?

  • TheJamsh


     a months ago

    Both places are amaaaaaaaaaaazing in the Winter.

  • Aaron Skinner

    Aaron Skinner

     a months ago

    lol all that ethernet cable coiled up on the drone..

  • The LMB Channel

    The LMB Channel

     a months ago

    Press f to respect Dan’s drone

  • A A

    A A

     a months ago

    That waterfall had so many bugs when I went

  • The real TFK BOT

    The real TFK BOT

     a months ago

    Sir you have been in a coma for 6 years

    Oh boy I can’t wait to see the slow mo guys in their back yard

  • The real TFK BOT

    The real TFK BOT

     a months ago

    The real tfk bot 10 years ago

    What kind of backyard is this